Job Listing: Investigator/Organizer/Media Director

Friends of Justice is a grassroots nonprofit working to end mass incarceration, by generating a new public consensus for criminal justice reform. Friends of Justice empowers poor people of color to hold the criminal justice system accountable and addresses systemic injustice by launching narrative campaigns around specific cases.

Friends of Justice seeks a full-time staff member to build our organizing team.  Extensive experience in leadership or service with black churches required. Degree in Divinity, History, Social Work, Sociology, Community Organizing, Political Science, Law or related field preferred. Extensive experience in community, civic, political, or religious organizing (paid or unpaid) may substitute for education. The specific role and focus of this position will reflect the changing needs of the organization and particular skill set of the selected candidate as described below. This position will begin January 1, 2012, pending funding, with salary commensurate to qualifications.

Friends of Justice is located at the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with quick access to the DFW airport, downtown Dallas, and downtown Fort Worth. Dallas-Fort Worth offers cultural amenities, ethnic diversity, and a low cost of living.

Candidates should demonstrate qualifications in two of the following areas:

  • Investigation: Investigate claims of injustice by studying complaints, briefs, and by interviewing stake-holders.  Develop reports and commentary on these cases that connect them to larger, structural problems in the criminal justice system.
  • Community Organizing: Build partnerships with community organizations, including churches and other faith-based organizations. Organize narrative campaigns around specific cases of injustice, equip affected communities to tell their story to the media, and build national coalitions. Provide ongoing support to leadership teams within the affected community.
  • Media: Coordinate communications and fundraising strategy by developing, supporting and maintaining web presence, email, print and podcast capabilities.

Apply to with cover letter and resume engaging the mission of Friends of Justice and demonstrating your qualifications in two of the areas described above.

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