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These are the currently active campaigns we are involved in. Follow a link for the latest information.

Free the IRP-6

Six devout and dedicated executives are serving hard time in a Colorado prison and their loved ones don’t understand why.  From the perspective of those who worked and worshiped with these men, the fingerprints of racial bias are visible to the naked eye.  FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors never saw this as a civil matter, a case of well-intentioned businessmen incurring business debt.  Instead, scores of federal officials concluded, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that a Colorado software development company had no prospects of success, no interest in success, and existed for the sole purpose of defrauding business partners.  Until you realize that five of the six men at the heart of this story, the public face of the company, are African American, nothing else makes sense. Read more…

Ramsey Muñiz

The government targeted Ramsey Muñiz on the uncorroborated word of a major narcotic importer. Then, by withholding this information, they made it impossible for the sharpest defense attorney in Texas to challenge the government’s case.  Read more…




Curtis Flowers

Curtis CNN PictureOn July 16, 1996, four people were murdered in a furniture store in Winona, a small town in Montgomery County, Mississippi.  Within hours, the daughter of one of the victims happened upon a check made out to the store’s former employee, Curtis Flowers.  In her grief, she became certain that Mr. Flowers committed the murders.  The State’s investigators made Mr. Flowers their prime suspect before uncovering any evidence tying him to the crime.  From that day forward, the State’s efforts were focused on convicting Mr. Flowers.  Any evidence uncovered was valued only for its ability to prove Mr. Flowers’ guilt. Read more…

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