Last Call for Aging White Evangelicals

Like the biblical Samson, Trump will eventually bring the entire edifice of American conservatism crashing down around him. Some species of evangelical religion will ultimately rise from the rubble, but it will be greatly curtailed, politically irrelevant and, I pray, more recognizably Christian.

Curtis Flowers is headed home!

I will be writing more about this amazing story a bit later, but this NYT treatment will fill in the details. Curtis has been incarcerated for twenty-three years, most of that time on death row in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman prison. He has been tried six times with two trials ending in hung juries and four others being reversed on appeal.

Friends of Justice has spent the past decade declaring Mr. Flowers’ innocence. Although we were able to generate a good deal of publicity over the years, the sheer complexity of the state’s case made it difficult to wrap your head around and the mainstream media typically took a cautious approach.

A couple of years ago, however, the In the Dark podcast tackled the case. They had the resources and the patience to get down in the weeds and through deconstruct this case.

Curtis has also received incredible legal representation, the kind that can make the most of the evidence In the Dark produced.

And now, miraculously, Curtis is home with his family!