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Mishandling of the Petraeus case raises profound concerns

FBI agent Frederick W. Humphries

By Alan Bean

Civil libertarians are expressing grave concerns about central aspects of the unfolding scandal involving General David Petraeus.  In particular, the role of FBI agent Frederick Humphries is raising eyebrows.

Consider this excerpt from a recent piece in the New York Times:

By all accounts, Mr. Humphries doggedly pursued Ms. Kelley’s cyberstalking complaint. Though he was not assigned to the case, he was admonished by supervisors who thought he was trying to improperly insert himself into the investigation.

In late October, fearing that the case was being stalled for political reasons, Mr. Humphries contacted Representative Dave Reichert, a Republican from Washington State, where the F.B.I. agent had worked previously, to inform him of the case. Mr. Reichert put him in touch with the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, who passed the message to Mr. Mueller.

Here we have a rouge agent going above the heads of his superiors to pursue an unauthorized investigation.  Then, without authorization, Humphries contacts his friends in Republican politics who can be counted on to take the matter directly to the Big Cheese, FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Agent Humphries, it seems, was acting as a friend of Jill Kelley, not in his official capacity.  Kelley has been described as a “Tampa socialite”, whatever that means.  Like Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, Kelley appears to be an attractive woman who collected prominent men the way some women collect tea pots.   (more…)