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Bill Cosby is America

CosbyFifteen women now claim to have been drugged and raped by Bill Cosby.  Asked to respond to these allegations on NPR, Cosby maintained an indignant silence.

The kind of white liberals who love NPR (I am one of these) love Bill Cosby.  That is likely why most readers who cared enough to respond sharply criticized Scott Simon for asking a question that was irrelevant to the interview.

Since it is unlikely that Bill Cosby would give an interview specifically related to his alleged sexual violence, it is hard to imagine how Cosby could ever be forced to answer his accusers.

White liberals love Bill Cosby because he represents a racially reconciled America where African Americans, thank God Almighty, finally have their piece of the pie.  The Cosby Show portrayed a hyper-functional Black family that listened to Ray Charles and reminisced about the march on Washington, while maintaining a egalitarian marriage, exercising strict family disciple and getting along swimmingly with white people.

As a young adult, I loved the Cosby Show.   As a child, I laughed myself silly over Cosby’s stand-up routines: “Noah: How long can you tread water?”  Cosby’s blackness was central to my pleasure. Here was a black man who transcended racist stereotype.  Cosby was a role model, a walking embodiment of our best values.  And he was really, really funny.

That’s why I was so disappointed to hear the sainted comedian unleash a campaign against low-income black people, the folks at the opposite end of the social spectrum from Cliff and Claire Huxtable who failed where Cliff and Claire had succeeded so brilliantly.  Cosby’s contempt for black people who neglected their kids, didn’t get an education, who lacked a work ethic, and blamed others for their own failings knew no bounds. (more…)