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David Barton’s historical therapy: the twerking is working

Therapeutic historian, David Barton

Earlier this fall, Politico’s Stephanie Simon chronicled the amazing rehabilitation of faux-historian David Barton.

Last year, Barton’s reputation was in free fall after seventy evangelical historians criticized the blatant inaccuracies in Barton’s The Jefferson Lies.  These scholars weren’t upset that Barton interpreted American history from a conservative perspective–most of them do the same.  They were troubled, nay outraged, because Barton was peddling falsehood on a grand scale.

When Barton’s publisher, Thomas Nelson, pulled the book in response to a chorus of hostile reviews, many assumed that Barton was finished as an evangelical icon.

Not a bit of it.  By October of this year, Glenn Beck was encouraging Barton to run against Republican John Cornyn and Ted Cruz was inviting the evangelical “historian” to appear with him at political rallies.

If the criticism hurt Barton it doesn’t show.  In fact, suffering for righteousness’ sake was a disguised blessing. (more…)