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Expanding the Dead-End Debate over Abortion

By Alan Bean

When debates devolve into entrenched camps lobbing insults and talking points we need independent insight.  Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas, thinks for himself and is transparent about his presuppositions.  He writes as a feminist, but disagrees with many feminists.  He is a harsh critic of the liberal mainstream.  He wants to bring radical ideas to the moderate middle when he thinks they are the best ideas.

The abortion debate is stalled, largely because fundraisers on both sides of the culture war divide make a great deal of money banging the drum for pro-life or pro-choice dogma.  Abortion has become a tool for rallying the troops, and that makes clear-headed thinking on the subject almost impossible.

Jensen strikes a delicate-but-necessary balance between sexual freedom and sexual sanity.  He is concerned about the unborn and women who become pregnant in the midst of painful circumstances.  His essential argument is that adherents of both positions on the abortion issue need to listen to the valid concerns of the other side.  I agree.

Expanding the Dead-End Debate over Abortion

By Robert Jensen

The abortion debate in Texas—and throughout the country—has dead-ended: pro-life v. pro-choice, saving the unborn child v. protecting the rights of the mother, responsibility v. freedom. Every encounter leaves each side more dug in. (more…)