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In Memoriam: Gordon Cosby

Mary and Gordon Cosby, circa 1960
Mary and Gordon Cosby, circa 1960

By Alan Bean

Gordon Cosby died yesterday at the tender age of 94.  With his wife, Mary, Gordon founded the Church of the Savior, and a long list of spin-off ministries, in Washington DC, over a period of sixty incredible years.  The Cosby’s are best known for their Journey Inward-Journey Outward approach to life and ministry: grounding doing in being and being in doing.

I only met the Cosby’s once, and not at the same time.  Gordon preached at the chapel of Southern Seminary in Louisville in the late 1970s and my wife, Nancy, was selected to give the introduction.  Nancy recalls that as they waited for the service to begin the seminary chaplain was babbling on about nothing in particular.  “Excuse me,” Cosby interrupted gently, “I am preparing myself for worship.”  The Church of the Savior was almost 30 years old at this time, and Cosby (who seemed pretty old to me) had over three more decades of ministry before him. (more…)