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Why the NRA opposes gun safety research

Dr. Art Kellermann

By Alan Bean

Art Kellermann, an ER physician and researcher at Emory University, crunched the numbers and discovered that “a gun kept in the home was 43 times more likely to be involved in the death of a member of the household than to be used in self-defense.”  The NRA was so concerned about the thrust of Kellermann’s research that they shut it down.  This isn’t about protecting the Second Amendment, it is about making the world safe for those who manufacture and sell firearms.  If you didn’t catch this piece on NPR this morning, please give it a look, or click on the link below and give it a listen.

Lack Of Up-To-Date Research Complicates Gun Debate

January 14, 2013

Vice President Joe Biden is getting ready to make recommendations on how to reduce gun violence in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. (more…)