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Why is Kent McKeever wearing an orange jumpsuit for Lent?

Alan Bean with Kent McKeever
Alan Bean with Kent McKeever

By Alan Bean

This Wednesday Bill Jones and traveled to Waco to visit with Joel Gregory, the former pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas who, though white as white can be, spends a lot of time preaching to African American preachers.  After a delightful lunch in the faculty dining room at Baylor, we also dropped in on Kent McKeever, an immigration attorney who works with Mission Waco.  Kent was wearing an orange jumpsuit.  He will be wearing the same outfit throughout the 40 days of Lent.  You can find his blogging on his unusual Lenten fast here, but I have pasted his first entry below.

Day One

Kent McKeever

I decided to spice up Lent for myself this year.  Instead of giving up sweets or coffee or just TV when there aren’t sports on, I am choosing to wear an orange prison/jail uniform for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday (minus Sundays because they are “little Easters” in which we celebrate our God who sets us free).  Why, you might ask, as I have been asking myself.  The next 40 days will surely reveal some answers to why, both for me personally and for anyone who chooses to join me in this journey as you read about my experience or support the ones who are truly imprisoned in countless other ways.  But here’s a start at why I have chosen to spend 40 Days in Orange. (more…)