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Mississippi school system slammed by DOJ report

By Alan Bean

This article from Colorlines is based on a Department of Justice report on Meridian, Mississippi’s school to prison pipeline  released in August.  Here’s a brief summary from that report:

The department’s investigation showed that the agencies have helped to operate a school-to-prison pipeline whereby children arrested in local schools become entangled in a cycle of incarceration without substantive and procedural protections required by the U.S. Constitution.  The department’s findings show that children in Lauderdale County have been routinely and repeatedly incarcerated for allegedly committing school disciplinary infractions and are punished disproportionately, without constitutionally required procedural safeguards.  Children have also been arrested at school for offenses as minor as defiance.   Furthermore, children on probation are routinely arrested and incarcerated for allegedly violating their probation by committing minor school infractions, such as dress code violations, which result in suspensions.   The department’s investigation showed that students most affected by this system are African-American children and children with disabilities.

The report claims that school officials in Meridian frequently refused to supply the federal investigators with important information (more on that in the article below). (more…)