Alan Bean interviewed on WBAI about Jena

Our director, Alan Bean, is interviewed on Wake up Call Radio on WBAI in New York City!

Listen to the mp3 here:
Louisiana: Kids Facing Life In Prison

Guest: Alan Bean, Executive Director of Friends of Justice

Guest: Caseptla Bailey, mother of Robert Bailey one of the young people standing trial

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One thought on “Alan Bean interviewed on WBAI about Jena

  1. I am a recent graduate from Jena High School. All of this stuff messed up our senior year. I was wondering why aren’t people getting the white people side of the story? Everyone is so concerned about the other side but everyone needs to know both sides before you judge. Like did you know the guy that supposedly assaulted black students one weekend was beaten up by black students a few weekends before?? Thats why that situation happened. I just wished people would get the full story than just one side of it.

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