An easy way to support our work!

You can help Friends of Justice win $5,000 to support our work, in three minutes or less! Friends of Justice has been chosen a finalist in the Changemakers Collaborative Competition “Ending Corruption: Honesty Instituted”. A prestigious panel of judges selected Friends of Justice out of 81 participating innovations from 29 countries. We are one of the 12 finalists of this competition and three will be declared winners by popular voting….so if you come vote for us on the Changemakers website, you can help Friends of Justice win a $5,000 award to support our work! We are the only finalists who focus on the United States, rooting out rampant corruption in the criminal justice system that deprives poor people of color from due process protections. Did you know that in our federal prison system, prisoners can buy information on people that the government wants to prosecute, so they can invent false testimony against them and get their sentences reduced to testify? Vote and show the world that the U.S. won’t stand for this kind of official corruption in our own backyard!

We invite you to support the innovative work of Friends of Justice by voting in the Changemakers website at: We would also like to encourage your participation and provide new ideas, critique and resources to enrich the collaboration in the online discussion. Our innovation is called “Operation Blind Justice” and you can read about it at

The online voting begins on June 6 and runs to June 21. Winners will be announced on June 21 and each will receive $5,000.

We look forward to your support and participation in building this movement to create a more transparent, accountable society.