Democracy Denied

This is Lydia Bean, writing from Texas. I just heard from the defendant’s families in Jena–they tried to hold a protest on the courthouse steps this morning, but they were told that the court had gotten an injunction to prevent them from protesting. The Louisiana ACLU is looking into the legality of this claim. In the meantime, the word is that the jury is shaping up to be all white and all elderly–just the kind of jury that you can count on to sentence young black men to the maximum. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Democracy Denied

  1. Look, these people are playing hard ball. There is a Louisiana case ongoing to be heard in the fall in the US Supreme Court about ALL WHITE JURIES. On these grounds, an injunction must be filed to stop the trial(s) from going forward, seeing that Louisiana is already in federal court on similar matters.

    Plus, the “gag” order, with Public Defender Blane Williams listing the parents of Mychale Bell as witnesses, is for what. And, even the now charges being tried on Bell is illegal, in that the intimidation factor on the other defendants is a tactic, to further entice them to plea bargain. That Judge must be given motions, from even friend of the court stances, until theirs an awakening.

    Someone, in legal standing, a public official, need to ask for a Louisiana Attorney General opinion on the Bell parents witness gag. Who is the all, that is in collusion with this “judicial lynching”. Is the judicial process in Jena as hellbent as Mike Nifong was to get an appropriate prosecution accomplished.

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