Photo story by Michael David Murphy

To get your friends to take action on the Jena 6 case, you can send them this excellent photo story by Michael David Murphy. If people are looking for a way to get involved, please encourage them to donate to Friends of Justice by following this link. All donations will go straight into our organizing in Jena and other cities across Texas and Louisiana.

To be notified for other opportunities to take action for the Jena 6, sign up for Action Updates on the Friends of Justice website here:

Action Updates

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4 thoughts on “Photo story by Michael David Murphy

  1. This post tells the story of the Jena 6 in a way that we all should be able to see and understand. Like ShaQuanda Cotton of Paris, Texas, these students are “political” in the same sense as “political prisoners”. We must continue to give their cases our top national priority. Angela Davis once wrote “if they come in the morning for me, they will be back in the evening for you”. Like to Jews in Nazi Germany – one by one they were sent to the ovens because there was no organized resistance. As long as we think that it’s somebody else’s problem, the more we are eaten alive – one by one.

  3. I’m a Dutchman living in Madrid (ES) and follow the news in Louisiana closely, because I have a brother living in New Orleans. I’m stunned by the news I’ve been reading on Yahoo! and other news-related sites about the Jena 6. Even in the middle-ages there was more justice than there is now in Jena. It’s such a disgrace, it wants to make me puke!!! How can they convict these young boys if they truly believe that GOD is watching??? Shame on you…SHAME ON YOU!!!

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