Racial Terror 101: Do y’all remember what nooses are FOR?

I am baffled by all the comments that say things like, “race has nothing to do with this situation, it’s black kids beating on a white kid and they deserve to be punished, just like if white kids attacked a black kid.” As if Mychal Bell had gotten himself into just another schoolyard fight, and we were arguing about whether his punishment was right or not. Let me go on the record: fighting is bad. Don’t fight, children. But people are conveniently forgetting about the whole “hanging nooses” thing. Do y’all remember what nooses are FOR?

When you hang a noose, you say: “we white people are going to torture you black people to death if you don’t stay in your place.” This was a fight provoked by a hate crime. After the school refused to punish this hate crime and take a stand for racial equality, the grownups left the white and black kids to fight it on their own. Then only the black kids were punished for the fight that took place as a result, while the white kids were coddled as innocent victims.

So I’m worried that a lot of (white) people in this country are conveniently forgetting what nooses are FOR. Do y’all remember about what nooses are for? Refresher course: back in the bad old days in the United States, white people used to hang black people in trees and torture them to death. (And this happened all over America, not just in the South, just in case my Northern friends want to act like this history lesson doesn’t apply to them.) So when these white boys hung nooses in a tree at the high school, they were calling down a whole scary history of racial terrorism in America.

That’s why, when a student hangs a noose in your public school, you gotta draw a line in the stand. Because when you allow white students to tell your black students, “N*%%er, we are going to torture you to death unless you submit to us!”, you’re going to invite a whole lot of trouble into your school.

Sheesh. This is like some racist skinhead group wearing Nazi symbols to school, and then drawing a gas chamber on some Jewish kid’s locker, and then the school system acting like that’s no big deal. Would people write in to say “We think those Jewish kids deserve to be punished for fighting those skinheads! We demand justice for those poor skinheads, and the way they’re victimized by those Jewish bullies!” (I’m being sarcastic, but this is not so far from reality: I’ve heard that many older Germans still complained after the Holocaust that THEY were the true victims. Which proves that the human capacity for bad faith is amazing.) Wow, I can just imagine the complaints I’d get on our blog: “It’s just a gas chamber…sheesh! And if you do the crime, you do the time!” Let’s all keep a proper sense of horror about what racial hatred can do. Because when we forget what nooses are FOR, I have to moderate a bunch of silly comments that miss the point.

-Lydia Bean.

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5 thoughts on “Racial Terror 101: Do y’all remember what nooses are FOR?

  1. When black students retaliated, they are charged with a heavy crime that could send them to prison for life. And, then someone has the nerve to extol the “Rule of Law” as if there is virtue in Jim Crow. Justice cries in the streets.

  2. 1. Symbolism doesn’t justify physical violence.
    2. The victim wasn’t “guilty” of employing the symbolism, in any case.
    3. Feet are dangerous and deadly weapons.
    4. African violence and lying is easily substantiated despite the fact that the jewzmedia, with the help of race traitors like yourself, cover up these facts whenever possible.
    5. Africans are the symptom, people like you are the disease.
    6. How’s the 501 c (3) biz? Lucrative enough? Must be nice to have all that subsidized time to engage in government-approved “activism,” eh?

  3. Speaking of silly comments…Gene, the business of defending young people from civil rights abuses ain’t too profitable these days. I wish it were. I also wish our activism was more “government-approved” so we could get these young people out of jail and back with their families where they belong.

    One thing I’ve learned in my years of “activism”: Race treachery doesn’t pay. But the Christian faith is extended training in how to be a race traitor, so we don’t really have a choice in the matter if we want to follow Jesus.

  4. Hey – I just want to make sure folks remember what a noose is as well…

    noose (ns)
    1. A loop formed in a rope by means of a slipknot so that it binds tighter as the rope is pulled. Also called running noose.
    2. A snare or trap.

  5. Uh, Gene I must ask in your view does pulling a gun on someone not indicate the intent to harm? . . . if that’s the case then anyone portraying violence or indicating deathly harm to ones body in your opinion is not committing a criminal or “suggestive” act. Sure hope no one breaks out your window and crawls through with a gun because you can’t call the police in your world . .because to you this doesn’t suggest the intent to harm. . . Also, black americans are not all rooted in Africa . . . .that part was free!

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