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I’ve had some people ask about what Friends of Justice is doing in Jena, and where the money goes if you donate.  Friends of Justice organizes in communities across Texas and Louisiana to generate media scandals around cases of abusive prosecution and civil rights violations in the criminal justice system.  We’ve been working for a long time to get the Jena case in the media.  Now that we’ve gotten international attention, Friends of Justice is working with the Jena 6 to find them pro bono lawyers (like the pro bono lawyers that did so much good in the Tulia, TX drug sting scandal.)  We’re also working nonstop with reporters and editors to get more news outlets to cover the Jena story so the word gets out about what’s happening in Louisiana (and the nation) for poor, black communities.  We were present covering Mychal Bell’s trial and setting up interviews with the family of the Jena 6, and we’ll be back doing the same thing for the next trial.

When you donate to Friends of Justice, we’ll pump your money straight into the costs of doing this organizing in Jena, recruiting high-powered, pro bono lawyers for the Jena 6,  and getting maximum media attention to this case as it unfolds.

You can donate securely on Paypal by following this link. Thanks to all those who have already given!

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9 thoughts on “Supporting the Jena cause

  1. Please tell everyone to write or email Governor Blanco about this terrible event. It shames all Americans, whereever we are.

  2. I too am outraged that this is considered justice. I feel very badly for all of the boys involved in this system of racism and injustice along with their families. I have not had luck with obtaining Gov Blanco’s email or telephone # but i would like to call that office and let them know that there are those of us out here watching this disaster and demanding justice for these boys and not just more black youth thrown in our now privatized (Corporate) jails

  3. I’d like to see the children defended competently and Mychal Bell’s case successfully appealed. I would like to see the white children brought up on charges commensurate with their crimes of battery and racial intimidation and harrassment.

  4. I’d like some evidence in a posting of how donations are being used to support these families and bring justice to this atrocity.

  5. I heard this story the other day in utter shock. I come from a wild background with lots of people you would not care to know and have seen in my time some pretty idiotic things . The sheer arrogance of this situation that these young men have been subjected to leave my mind numbed and yet ready- ready to fight. This story must be known around the world and the community of Jena – the white community and the political and police community brought to account for this and shown that this is not the way of the world and mankind.
    We are made of God’s will and no less.

  6. I can’t even come up with the words to express how horrifying and shocking this story is. But being horrified and shocked is not enough, I want to do something. I have already signed the petition, but I want to contact gov. blanco directly. Does anybody know Governer Blanco’s phone number and/or email? If so, please post it so we can all take action!

  7. Write Fax E-mail
    Office of the Governor
    Attn: Constituent Services
    P.O. Box 94004
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004 Facsimile: 225-342-7099 E-mail the Governor


    Request a Meeting
    To request the governor for a meeting, event or photo-op, visit the Scheduling Office.

  8. This sad story is published today in the newspaper ” Le Monde” in France.
    I didn’t believe such racist trial was still happening in the USA.
    If Mychal Bell is sentenced to 22 years of prison, it ll be like Nelson Mandela in South Africa while the apartheid, 30 years back …

    Those few white racist persons of Jena are giving an horrible vision of the United States around the World.

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