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Reading through the comments and questions on our site, I thought I should post a quick update. The usual suspects in the civil rights establishment have been contacted and there is considerable interest in this case. I am not at liberty to name names because the legal fight is complex and the central players prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. But please rest assured that some very influential and talented people are working on the legal strategy. All of the defendants now have qualified legal counsel and we are hoping to provide some top flight legal backup. Also, the national media (with CBS News taking the lead) has discovered the Jena story and you should see some major coverage by the end of July if not sooner. Media attention is crucial to the strategy Friends of Justice adopted in the wake of the infamous Tulia drug sting (see our homepage for more). The criminal justice system is thoroughly transformed when the world is paying attention. Finally, plans are in the works for a major event in support of the Jena 6. We will let you know more as the details solidify. Thank you all for your interest and support.

Alan Bean

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  1. ALan and all of Friends of Justice.

    Keep strong as your work is inspirational to so many and so many more need to know what it takes to challenge corruption and evil. Martin McAnallen. Alan you nmay recall me .We met at the F.O.R. Conference in LA in August 2004 (I think 2004 anyway)

  2. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in its Detroit National Convention, passed a national resolution signed by Julian Bond & Dennis Courtland Hayes calling for a full investigation of the Jena Six fiasco. Hayes is the Interim President & CEO & has been before. The resolution from the LaSalle Parish Branch NAACP was hand carried by Rev. Justin Conner, and pushed through the national process, a strenous thing to get done. Now, it has been learned that Conner is under attack. Now, we want to enlist Friends of Justice to support him in his ordeal; as he has been in Jena, in protests in front of the Parish Courthouse Consistently. Seems to me, something sinister is going on. Rev. Raymond Brown will be contacted on this latest development. Conner left Detroit and traveled to Chicago to Rainbow Push and marched with Jesse this past weekend against Gun Violence & the Gun Shops that sell the guns.


    click on the link or paste for a fuller dissertation. LeSieur 10:05am-cst

  3. Dear friends,

    The Jena 6 is not only an american criminal justice issue is too a civil rights issue and because of that must be a Humankind issue who must concerns to all.

    We shall overcame …

  4. I am very pleased with orginizations such as ‘friends of justice”. There is so much corruption and injustice (especially toward miniority groups in the United States) and it burdens me, especially since I do not know ways to fight against it and obtain justice for those who need it. I am following this case in hopes for a happy ending, justice being served.

  5. I think it would be a good idea for eveyone who goes to church, educate the person(s) in charge so that a fitting message could be delivered to the people who then hopefully would take action either by donating money or taking part in a march.
    The people in the judicial system in Jena, must be made to see the mistake they made in rendering such a severe verdict in this case. Shame on them.

  6. Hi All

    There will be a demonstration to show support for the Jena Six in Boston, MA on July 31, Time and location TBD I will post as soon as I have the info,



  7. I am very happy to learn that the boys have good legal representation now and that there is more media attention. I hesitate to be TOO hopeful though – we cant drop the ball on this issue. I just called both senators and every single Louisiana congress member to express my outrage at this case. I also sent out information to my friends and family and signed the petition. What else can we do?

  8. I don’t mean to sound like a racist or anything, but you all seem to forget that while there may be some injustice involved, THEY’RE NOT INNOCENT!!

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