Action Update: Jena 6 Protest in the Boston area

Friends of Justice is based in the great states of Texas and Louisiana, but we know that  not everyone is lucky enough to live in our part of the country.  😉  If you live far away, but you still want to get involved in a Jena 6 protest, take heart!  We’ve been getting word from other activists across the country who are organizing protests in their own cities.  If you are organizing a protest about the Jena 6, please post a comment about it.  We’ll post it to the blog, so it will go out to our subscribers as an Action Update.  (If you’ve already posted an upcoming protest and I neglected to post it to the blog, my apologies: send us another comment and I’ll get it out there.)

The first of these protests will be in Boston in the next couple of weeks, pending a permit.  If you live around Boston and you want to help organize this protest, please get in touch with Gretchen Segars  at <>  This protest is currently looking for an established sponsoring organization who can send out a press release to get Boston-area media involved in the Jena story.  Also, if you attend a Boston-area church that might want to send people, please consider putting together a church-based group or putting them in touch with Gretchen.


Lydia Bean

3 thoughts on “Action Update: Jena 6 Protest in the Boston area

  1. Hello. My name is Shandha Louis I am a recent grad of Howard University, I was just feelinh discouraged after reading about the Jena 6 case and am happy that the protest is coming to Boston. I would love to help organize and become a part of the movement. Power concedes to Nothing Without Demand- Douglass
    I am fired up and ready to go on this issue please let me know how I can help!

  2. Hi Shanda,

    Please come today July 31, to Harvard square to rally for Jusice for the Jena Six!
    We are meeting in front of the Harvard bookstore at 4:45pm. We will be handing out fliers, gathering petition signatures, and asking people to be on the mailing list…
    It’s a first step, and we will be rallying in solidarity with our friends in Jena who are also gathering today!

    Please contact me through my personal e-mail–

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