Alan Bean on Hard Knock radio

In this interview, Alan Bean was allowed to share an unpopular message: that Jena is America.  Jena reveals the daily workings of racial inequality in our two-tier criminal justice system.

2 thoughts on “Alan Bean on Hard Knock radio

  1. I saw a picture of Mrs. Jackson (Jesse’s wife) comforting an illegal immigrant that got caught after hiding in a church for a year. That is a sad situation because she was brought here as a child of 4 years old. Yet I wondered, why she is more concerned about that woman, than teens in Jena. There is something so wrong in the USA today, when people are feeling sympathy towards those “we are hard workers” people who knowingly break laws to live in the USA. They are also denying to hire African/Americans. (and “white” ones too, but it does not hurt them as hard as ones who are already suffering in the USA)

    The La Razas were able to get a reported one million people on the streets of LA alone to protest (illegal) immigration reform and we, the people, can not seem to muster that same kind of support for people like the Jena 6.

    “I am not a racist” DA Reed says he is keeping the city safe from the kids so they can never “menace” the good folk again. The real menace to society is the white teens and their family and Reed himself. I understand why the black people of Jena want to forget about it; makes their lives easier. If they complain they or their kids could be the next victim of vicious racism. Sad.

  2. Mr. Reed is the Evil’s face and also the hand.

    A pair of tennis as a weapon?

    Mr. Reed is ridiculous but is dangerous, not only for the afro-americans but for all.

    To day, is because he dislike afro-americans people, tomorrow will be a white, who forgets to salute His Excellency.

    Mr. Reed, are guilty to distorted, perverted, and destroyed Justice and Law, in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana, USA.

    The judge, who accepts this farce and the jury members who had condemned the young Michall Bell are guilty too.

    This entire charade seems to me the 3rd Reich “justice”.

    Equal Justice for the Jena Six

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