Howard University students for the Jena 6

For the past several weeks Howard University students in Washington D.C. have been meeting to organize events in defense of the Jena 6. Students representing the range of Student Government organizations, and activist groups on campus such as Amnesty International, the NAACP, and the ANSWER Coalition, have begun making plans for activities beginning close to the start of the school year. On Sept. 5th, students will be holding a rally/forum, to raise awareness on campus about the Jena 6 case, this forum will also be preceded by intensive outreach activities, to maximize awareness on the case. Student activists plan to follow this rally with a series of events, as well as a fund raiser, T-shirts and other promotional material is being prepared, the message from the Howard University student body, to the rest of this country, will be Free the Jena 6!

9 thoughts on “Howard University students for the Jena 6

  1. I am deeply saddened (although certainly not surprised) to see we have not made any ‘appreciable’ progress in the seemingly ageless problem of racism in this country! I was a college freshman when Dr. Martin Luther King was killed. I was in Indianapolis, eager to become apart of the ‘dawning of a new United States of America when, through tears Senator Bobby Kennedy announced Dr. King had been killed. I remember feeling so helpless and hopeless. We had just lost President Kenney just barely 4 years earlier and course we now know hate reared its ugly head a few months later taken Sen Kennedy!

    At what point will we see outrage??!! I am willing to share yours–where can I order a shirt?

  2. Please keep me informed of your ongoing efforts with the Jena 6 issues. I would like to support you in anyway that I can. Also, will Howard University be participating in the Jena 6 rally ito be held in Jena, Louisiana?

  3. Where are the black leaders? Dr. M. L. King help bring the plight of Rosa Park to the front pages of newspapers. Would this be an oppurtunity for another Black leader to bring the injustice of the jenna 6 to show that we as black people still face injustice.l

  4. I was wondering if all of you university students think it is O.K. for black kids to stomp and beat whites because of pent up anger over slavery, past discrimination, not enough affirmative action, not enough billions going to your welfare queen mammas–it seems the OJ jury thought murder was o.k. because one of the detectives said the “N” word, after the L.A. riots the monkeys congregated in defense of the men who beat a white truck driver senseless, Nation of Islam leaders praised Collin Ferguson for shooting whites on a train . . . ask youself, if the Jenna 6 were minority white kids in the middle of a black neighborhood . . . would you be holding this rally? If the answer is no, you need to look in the mirror, past your dark skin, past your big lips, and see A RACIST. Blacks are the most racist people on earth!

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