Ambassadors for Common Peace

Here’s a great movement to bring the Hip Hop generation into the fight for civil rights.  Fathers for the Future is launching an initiative called “Ambassadors for Common Peace”, described at


A delegation from the Hip Hop activist community will serve as Ambassadors for Common Peace at the September 20th, 2007 protest rally of the Jena 6 trial in Jena, Louisiana. Mr. J. Michael Carr Jr. of the Fathers for the Future Foundation (FFF) and Troy Nkrumah of the National Hip Hop Political Convention (NHHPC) will lead a delegation of young people to Jena to monitor, mediate, and demonstrate for the justice of the six young youth who are on trial and unless justice is served could spend the decades in prison. This delegation will also include over 10 young lawyers from around the country who will work as legal observers to ensure that the constitutional rights of the demonstrators are not violated by law enforcement.


Invited by the “Friends of Justice”, the actual organization to first break the Jena 6 story to the Chicago Tribune and BBC in December 2006, the Ambassadors For Common Peace will work to promote civility and goodwill at the mobilization in Jena, LA. It is the belief of the Hip Hop community that this is one of the most salient racial trials since the Rodney King verdict in 1992 and has the potential to repeat the disastrous outcome if justice is not met for the defendants. This one trail has the potential to set back race relations and delegitimize the current strides made in the fight for racial justice, thus furthering the heightened racial tensions. 


Just as with the 1964 deaths of the three civil rights workers in Neshoba County, Mississippi, the six black youth facing attempted murder and aggravated assault charges in Jena, Louisiana are bringing the national climate of racial injustice to another tipping point. The hip hop generation has taken a stand to voice their objection to the circumstances around this trial, because the impact will have such long term ramifications on American society, that silence is not an option.


The Ambassadors For Common Peace understand that it is the proclivity of both sides to interpret the case based on their own perceptions; however, we would like to state that it is our intention and objective to remain true to the philosophy of nonviolent direct action. Therefore, our focus is to be advocates for a peaceful, but vocal demonstration and to discourage those who seek to agitate through the call for violence at the September 20th rally. We encourage all who are concerned with this matter to come out and participate in a safe, constitutional and effective mobilization for the justice for the Jena 6.


Concerned about the educational and economic interruption in the lives of these six black young men, the Fathers for the Future Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has created a separate scholarship fund to help these youth continue their education after this ordeal has ended. It is the mission of the Fathers for the Future Foundation to educate adult men between the ages of 16 – 30 in financial literacy, parenting, life-skills, and job training.


“The lives of these six young men are very important to our delegation; and creating opportunities for all men is our ultimate goal”, said president and founder of the Fathers for the Future Foundation, J. Michael Carr Jr. “The trial in Jena, LA is only a small aspect of a larger problem that is plaguing the nation. The question is not, how do we prosecute warehouses of our youth, but rather how to nurture them and secure a future of liberty with the pursuit of happiness that is a right of all Americans? Irrespective of race, nationally young men are not being treated respectfully. We demand fairness for young men in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Jena, LA is the first stop on our journey to social justice and economic opportunity for our nation’s young men”.


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One thought on “Ambassadors for Common Peace

  1. Its too bad that in the twenty first century we are not all moving forward. Technology is however. I feel bad that something like the Jena 6 in todays society of world affairs, is news instead of what great accomplishment has been done in Louisana since thier last crisis.
    Everything comes down to race. To the people in that area, I say unite. Black, White,Latino, Asian, and all. At some point, the education level of the people must change.
    Individual families must take the responsibility along with their school districts to educate their children. If you do not, history will repeate itself. At some point, racist behavior can not be tolerated. Religious differences must be respected by everyone.
    If out of that relationship, a friend is made, so be it. For it will be the making of a strong America.

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