Hold a Vigil in your Community!

Many people are holding vigils this Sept. 20th, to show solidarity with the Jena 6 and demand a criminal justice system that truly serves all our children.

If you want to organize a vigil in YOUR community, feel free to adapt this flier that we designed for a rally in Cambridge, MA:

Sample flier for Jena 6 Vigil

Just download this Word document, fill in your location and your contact info, and get the word out!  (Make sure you apply for any permits that the law requires.)  Feel free to change the text–this is just an example.  Many thanks to Gretchen Segars, who designed this flier with Lydia Bean.

One thought on “Hold a Vigil in your Community!

  1. I want to thank you for publishing this story and providing a site with tools so that everyone can help spread this story and join the fight for justice.

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