More on Michael Baisden’s bizarre allegations

Eddie Griffin is just one of the Black bloggers wondering why radio personality Michael Baisden has chosen to attack the integrity of Color of Change when the facts (a) are a matter of public record and (b) clearly contradict Baisden’s claims.

Why would the Bad Boy of Talk Radio place an entire movement in jeopardy for five minutes of cheap sensationalism?

Baisden says he has a letter from the parents of the Jena 6 supporting his allegations.  I just got back from Jena.  I spoke to most of the parents.  They have no idea what Baisden is talking about. 

I talked to attorneys for all six defendants.  They all affirm that, with the full approval of the parents and defendants, they received generous disbursements from Color of Change. 

Color of Change follows transparent accounting principles; Michael Baisden ain’t sayin’ what he is doing with the Jena 6 money he has raised.  Yet Baisden questions the integrity of Color of Change. 

Mr. Baisden, when you say “2 + 2 = 5”, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the world’s sexiest baritone, your audience is going to say, “What?”

Some statements are wrong by definition because they are immediately and obviously falsifiable: “The world is flat; 2 + 2 = 5; the Colts beat the Patriots on Sunday evening . . . Color of Change mishandled donations.”  The last statement is as untenable as the others, and for the same reason.

Cast your eyes over the latest post from Black blogger Eddie Griffin.  Mr. Griffin is just getting started.  Today, he fired off a letter to Al Sharpton, one of the featured speakers at the gala fundraiser Michael Baisden is sponsoring this coming weekend. 


Thursday, November 08, 2007


RE: Cloud over Michael Baisden Foundation Charity Fundraiser


Dear Al,


It is with utmost regret that I should raise this issue about radio personality Michael Baisden and your invitation to his fundraiser.


Mr. Baisden has cast a cloud of suspicion upon the head of a highly respected online activist organization with outrageous allegations which we have investigated and found baseless and slanderous.


Mr. Baisden singled out Color of Change for his allegation of Jena 6 funds misappropriation. This organization of 400,000 online activists has a long and credible history in Civil Rights. When called into question, the organization published all its fundraising record for full disclosure.


First, the question of authorization to raise funds for the Jena 6 families, here are the authorizations.


Second, the question of disbursements, here are the facsimile of cancelled checks.


Third, the question of David Bowie’s $10,000 donation to the Jena 6 Defense Fund, here the NAACP acknowledges receipt of funds.


We ask of you, seeing that you are Mr. Baisden’s invited guest, to raise this issue of this accusation against Color of Change, and other bloggers. Or, would you be complicit in falsely accusing the innocent?


As the conscious of our nation and a voice in the black community, it should be a moral imperative to ask the question. Did the parents make and receive all their financial requests addressed to Color of Change? Can anyone refute the documents above?



Eddie Griffin (BASG)

11 thoughts on “More on Michael Baisden’s bizarre allegations

  1. Like I said before, I like my truth “straight-up” and ColorOfChange’s documentation works for me. I will be joining the letter-writing campaign to get them on the Baisden Show to speak their piece. And though I won’t hear it, I’m sure the bloggers will bring us all up to date.

  2. Thank you Deb and bless you for your support. Thank you Alan for going and checking on the Jena families. Their feelings, like mine, could be hurt by this.

  3. They attacked you too man. Can you believe Marcus Jones had the audacity to say he didn’t know you or this organization?

    Didn’t you guys creat the Free The Jena 6 website with the families?

  4. Father – U – C – K Michael Baisden. This just another case of a brother tearing another brother down so he can come up. Just what we needed, another so called black leader ripping away at anything positive in our community. Baisden is not a black leader but he is a leading black. Leading blacks were not appointed by the people but by some corporation to be the voice that brings calm to the movement, leading blacks follow the corporations that fund them and not the people behind the movement. Get his butt off the air!!!

  5. You are a disgrace to the black race. Your crab in a barrel mentality is what is keeping us down. Michael Baisden will always get me vote.

    You big ass hole . you are all thieves who do not realize that the radio is big for all of you. Get off the web site with your lies.

    I am sure that you all tried to steal from the jena 6 fund and is mad that maichael baisden is calling you out on radio. Your jealousy of michael baisden will not get him off the air. I will refuse to listen to any radio station that does not carry his program.

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  7. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to ask you for help in this matter. One of my friends son who’s name was corey! was kill about 2 MONTHS AND 3 DAYS ago. This young man WAS KILLED BY LEAKE AND WATTS EMPLOYEES THEY HAVE NOT BEEN CHARGED YETand with local police since no arrest. below is what my friend has wrote in response to this issue.

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    Corey was almost 17 and as of now the employees haven’t been charged with any crime and the medical examier will not release the autopsy report. Please if there is anyway you can help my friend and bring light to the matter it would be greatly appreciated.


    Arturo Enamorado Jr.

  8. Mr. Griffin and america Ive tried to contact Mr. baisden several times and his little manager or phone hostremember who i im , and keeps hanging the phone up on me , i gave them the answers from GOD in shreveport, at the mentors tour, and she left it on the table because of fear of his show and her job , i was the the man with the work boots on, and the sign in my hand held high’ the read’ all i nedd is 20 minutes , but i never got it ” it one thing that a people have to be open and following to recieve the things of God , to be able to accept it “michael is a mislead man with no direction , and no fear of God , and this i stand bye until he changes ‘ its a shame that the men with the most heard vioces , lead so wrong for so long, “”””” some one please contact me, God has given the answers to all of this ,even the answers behind racism, its been right under our noise all this time ” all i need is 20 minutes, and some more minds/ e- mail me at

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