Grits likes Huckabee and Obama on justice issues

In a recent post on his excellent Grits for Breakfast site, Scott “Grits” Henson has some intriguing thoughts on the upcoming Texas primary.  If you’re a single issue voter with a passion for criminal justice reform, Grits says, Obama and Huckabee are your candidates. 

2 thoughts on “Grits likes Huckabee and Obama on justice issues

  1. the federal prison system no parole sentence is not for punishment but for profit. when a person is convicted and sentenced to federal prison. the first thing that prison staff ask you upon entering the system is if you want to sign up to work in the prison factories. there is ,a waiting list. the federal prison factories are listed on the stock market as unicore. the one of the largest stock holders is american express. Now when bill clinton was in office there was a bill to bring back parole in the federal prison system, clinton was supposed to sign it however, after big business put so much pressure on him, he vetoed the bill thereby causing riots in the system. A lot of inmates were sure clinton was going to allow the system to go back to the parole system but, this did not happen. later they passed the anti terriost act. someone tied a bill onto this act that limited filing a writ of habeas corpus to one year after you’re sentenced and a one time thing thereby causing all federal prisoners to be denied a way out of prison even if you learn the law and find a error in your sentence or conviction. somewhere in the law it is said that the great writ shall never be abloished! after you’ve lost your right to appeal the great writ is the only way out. The united states of america is profiting from holding the black and downtrotten in prison on these non paroleable sentences for the sake of big business. ask obama and clintion what are they going to do about this situation. Further, i’ve been in the military. I know a lot about the military. I beleive that it would sound as if it were unpatriotic if obama or clintion would question whether mcain was sound of mind. but it is a fair question to ask. after all the man was held as a pow for five long years and man those vietmease and chinese know how to punish a man for real. I know that he more than likely suffer from post tramatic stress syndrom among other things. he more than likely is on some type of pyco medician, therefore, since this guy is up for the driver seat, it is fair to question his mental stability. however, everyone will stay away from that issue for fear of being deemed unpatriotic. but it is a fair question!

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