Help Friends of Justice win $5,000


Dear Friends,

Would you take five minutes, and help Friends of Justice win $5,000 to fund our work?  Friends of Justice has been nominated for the JusticeMakers Competition, which recognizes people doing innovative work for due process and human rights in the criminal justice system.  This competition includes a “People’s Choice Award”, where members of the general public can rank the different nominees and determine who gets a $5,000 prize.

Would you sign in to the JusticeMakers website, and rank our proposal?  While you’re at it, take a look at the other amazing projects out there!  It’s sure exciting to see all the amazing work that folks are doing around the world to defend equal justice for all!  I hope you’ll be inspired.

Friends of Justice is counting on you–our supporters–to put us over the top and help us win $5,000!   For a small organization like us, that prize would make a big difference–it means that when some desperate parent calls us because their child is being wrongly prosecuted, we will have the resources to investigate their case and see what can be done.  Sign in today at

Thanks for your support,

Lydia Bean

More information below…

In partnership with International Bridges to Justice and the 2008 JusticeMakers Competition, we would like to invite you to participate in the JusticeMakers People’s Choice Awards.

55 innovators from around the world have detailed concrete project ideas for curbing torture and legal abuse on a local level. Whether it’s the public exhibition of incidents of abuse to encourage pro-bono legal support, or a text message service to aid in the provision of counsel… the ideas are contemporary, cost-effective and critical. And with the $5,000 People’s Choice Award, we are relying on you to tell us which of these remarkable projects we should support.

Share your voice today.

1. Register for

2. Login and click the “Rate Me” image.

3. Read a short summary of the project idea(s) and evaluate it(them) on a one to five-star basis.  The project with the highest average score on Nov. 11th wins the $5,000.


Each time you evaluate a project, you’ll be able to see its aggregate score based upon the evaluations of other JusticeMakers Community members. If you evaluate all the projects, you’ll be able to see how they rank according to score. On November 11, the project with the highest aggregate score wins. If there are two or more projects that share the highest aggregate score, the project which received the largest number of evaluations wins.


* Only registered JusticeMakers users can participate. (Registration for JusticeMakers is free, and is open to anyone who has a passion for justice.)

* Each registered user can rate each project once.

* Registered users can evaluate as many or as few projects as they like

* Registered users can evaluate a specific project by going to Competition 2008 > Browse Projects in the top navigation, selecting the project, and clicking the “Rate Me” icon at the top of the page.

* Should registered users want to learn more about a project before assigning a score, they can click the project name at the top of the evaluation page to be taken to the detailed project application. They would simply click the “Rate Me” icon to return to the evaluation page.




JusticeMakers is a project of International Bridges to Justice, a registered US 501(c)3 organization (EIN: 31-1771358).

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