White Power USA

Is there a link between Neo-Nazis, Birthers, Tea Party enthusiasts and mainstream conservatism?  The producers of this video think there is. 

White Power USA was produced for Al-Jazeera English by American journalists drawing on the same sources you would expect to see in the mainstream press.  Except, for some reason, the MSM hasn’t shown much interest in the racist roots of the Tea Party crowd. 

The White Power leaders depicted in this documentary are desperate for media attention.  Although groups displaying the swastika and the stars-n-bars are enjoying rapid membership growth, most extremists have learned to mainstream the message.

The producers of “White Power USA” aren’t suggesting that everyone involved in America’s most dynamic populist movement is racist.  But can mainstream Christian conservatives attend Tea Party events without noticing the overtly racist symbols and sentiments on display?

Those following my posts on the Curtis Flowers case will be particularly interested in the extended interview with Council of Conservative Citizens co-founder Gordon Baum.  Members of a CCC chapter in northern Mississippi also get a few minutes of camera time.  If we’re known by the company we keep, Senator Lydia Chassaniol needs to find better company

In this post-9-11 world, some won’t be interested in viewing a  documentary associated with Al Jazeera, and that’s okay.  On the other hand, this may be the perfect time to heed the gentle call of Wee Robbie Burns: “O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.”

5 thoughts on “White Power USA

  1. Not totally on topic, but not totally off either. Yesterday in Amarillo I found myself driving behind a Cadillac. It had the fish symbol on the trunk lid, and three bumper stickers. The one on the left announced, “McCain, not Hussein;” in the middle “Obamanomics: Trickle up Poverty;” and on the right, “Where’s the Fence?”

    Well this guy announces himself to be a Christian. And I claim that label as well. Although I think it would be more Biblical to call myself a flawed follower of The Way. Aside from our claimed spiritual affiliations, I doubt we would have anything in common.

  2. We owe it to ourselves to be more open to all information available to help us use our critical thinking skills to determine truth. Personally, I have no prejudice regarding Al-Jazeera. If they are doing their jobs as journalists then anything they offer is worth watching or listening to. With what I know, I would rely on them more than I ever could any of the corporate media sources so readily available in the U.S.

    FYI to anyone interested, the film “Control Room” would allow people to see an example of how Al-Jazeera offered accurate information about the U.S. invasion of Iraq while U.S. corporate media was only reporting what the U.S. government wanted/told them to.

    Thank you to Friends of Justice for continuing to offer us relevant and important information that we might not find otherwise. I watched the video “White Power USA” and it is important for all of us to see as we try to weed through the purposeful distortion presented by corporate media.

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