Confederate license plates in Texas?

By Alan Bean

Please check out the Progress Texas website and consider signing the petition which is explained below:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans want to display the Confederate flag on Texas license plates. You can do something to stop that right now.

This conservative group proposed a Texas specialty license plate  featuring the controversial and offensive image of the Confederate flag.  They want to harken back to the days of conflict, civil war and racism  that plagued America and the south.  We need your help to stop this  symbol of oppression from being put on cars across Texas.

The application to put this racist relic out for public consumption went before the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board and stalled  with a tied vote of 4 to 4 – the 9th board member Ramsay Gillman  unexpectedly passed away before the vote.  Rick Perry must now appoint a 9th member to the board who will be the deciding vote on this  controversial issue.  With all eyes on Perry’s political future, your  voice makes a difference.

We can’t assume Rick Perry will do the right thing without your help.  Gov. Rick Perry has a long history of promoting secession and pandering  to the tea party. It is critical that we stand-up and demand he appoints a TXDMV board member who will not allow the Confederate flag license  plate to move forward.

Don’t let Rick Perry embarrass Texas. Sign the petition.


To Governor Perry,

The Confederate flag  license plate is offensive to millions of Texans.  We urge you to appoint a new TXDMV board member who will not support the display of the hurtful and controversial Confederate flag on our license plates.

6 thoughts on “Confederate license plates in Texas?

  1. I don’t quite understand–is this a “vanity” cost-plus license plate, or is this supposed to be the standard Texas license plate?

  2. Aside I: If Rick Perry enters the GOP presidential primaries, I guess I’ll hafta vote in the Texas GOP primary. Probably will anyway. Sharon Keller has an opponent for her CCA chair seat.

    Aside II: I don’t see any good outcome to the debt ceiling squabble. Grover Norquist has already won. It’s either default or cave in to the Norquist philosophy. USA is on track to becoming a third world country. Children of the poor are slated for a harder time in getting an education. Manual labor are scarcer and scarcer. Home ownership will be harder to come by. The very poor class is on track to expand, the middle class to shrink, and the extreme upper income folks to control an ever larger share of the nation’s wealth. One upside to this is that it will solve the immigration problem. Maybe we’ll have a reverse immigration problem. Our poorest may want to go to Mexico or Central America.

  3. It is definitely a vanity plate. The big question here is whether the Sons of Confederate Veterans should be able to flaunt their commitment to white supremacy on a state-issued license plate.

  4. I did go to the site and sign the petition, with a note about the racist message it sends about Texas when drivers travel. We’re just praying for ordinary Americans, it’s hard to believe what’s happening in DC, but it’s important to us in Canada, too.

  5. It is a good idea for whites to preserve history and to remember the atrocities of their acts that resulted in, and from, slavery. However, for a state to symbolize, honor and glamorize a flag that represents a cause Americans died to end is sick, treasonous and un-American. Far more Africans were killed by whites during slavery than Jews in Europe during World War II. It is shocking to see so few Jews fight against this abomination. The Jews would never accept the symbolism of the Nazi flag in a state court in Germany, but are all but absent on this issue and in some cases support the confederate flag. If Texas places the flag on the license plate, it will never become a great state. The Confederate flag belongs, chained in shame, in History books, only, not on license plates. So many white people feel the need to promote racism because of their obvious lack of sense of self worth today.

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