America’s enemies: the experts weigh in

“Can someone explain to me if there is supposed to be a scandal that someone pees on the corpse of a Taliban fighter — someone who as part of an organization murdered over 3,000 Americans?  I’d drop trou and do it too. That’s me, though…Come on people this is a war.” CNN contributor Dana Loesch

 “A dead body is just, you know a f—— body that’s dead and it just doesn’t bother me.”  It all depends on “what the people they were pissing on did.  If they were real Taliban, if they were people who burned down girls’ schools, and, you know, do honor rapes and throw acid in people’s faces, I’m not that upset about pissing on them.” HBO comedian Bill Maher

“When you’re in war — and history kind of backs up. There’s a picture of General Patton doing basically the same thing in the Rhine river. Although there’s not a picture, Churchill did the same thing on the Siegfried line . . . Going after them as a criminal act, I think [is] really a bad message.” Texas governor Rick Perry 

“Andrew Jackson had a clear cut idea about Americas enemies…kill them!” Newt Gingrich

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’  But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”  Jesus, Matthew 5:43-45

4 thoughts on “America’s enemies: the experts weigh in

  1. Somehow I see a basic difference between peeing in the Rhine or on the Siegfried Line and peeing on a corpse. Contrary to Governor Perry, I think the dangerous signal to send would be not to prosecute those who did this. And there is a basic difference between Andrew Jackson and Newt on the one hand and Jesus on the other. I much prefer to take my moral guidance from Jesus.

  2. amen. it’s called desecration, and points to the depths of degradation and degeneracy which are earmarks of war, any war. and i’m not a pacifist, i believe in self-defense, but what our military is doing there and elsewhere hardly fits that definition unless you include the collusive government/corporations operations furthering the imperatives of defunct capitalism. i wonder what Christ might do if he happened upon the carcass of capitalism rotting on some narrow road. perhaps think: that rotting corpse shat on a lot of people and created a lot more hell than heaven. so good riddance! and power to the peons and a prayer for the peed-upon.

  3. I am not saying what the soldiers did was right. But if your sending 20 year kids to kill people they have to objectify the people they are are killing to survive. They gave degrading names to the Viet Cong and the Japanese to objectify them. The reason why soldiers don’t talk about what they did in the war is because they know they will be judged by people in peace time conditions.

    The people who should be pissed on are the politicians who sent soldiers to fight an unjust war in Iraq.

  4. When someone puts a “but” after a statement it’s a modifier of the statement. “I’m not saying what the soldiers did was right. But . . .” It seems to me that your statement then justifies or excuses what the soldiers did.

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