Michelle Alexander does the Colbert Report

By Alan Bean

Michelle Alexander was on the Colbert Report on Tuesday night.  Colbert, as always, is hilarious and Alexander is characteristically eloquent (when you spend two years talking about the same subject you get your talking points down cold).  But the most significant aspect of this exchange is the crowd reaction.  They are clearly blown away.

2 thoughts on “Michelle Alexander does the Colbert Report

  1. Thought she did great. That said, I was hoping she would play off the word “just” that Stephen teed up, by saying something to the effect that the new Jim Crow system was unjust, or something along those lines. All the same, I wish sometimes that guests like her weren’t speaking in what I assume must be primarily an echo chamber. The reaction from the crowd was expected, IMO, because it is typically a fairly liberal crowd.

  2. It is truly great to have enlightening articulate minds as Michelle Alexander. Once you are exonerated, how do you get redress from recognition when the government retaliates to obstruct justice and inflicts further injustice on you under the cover of law?

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