Anti-gay rant with a twist

4 thoughts on “Anti-gay rant with a twist

  1. Thanks for reminding me about this video. When I had the opportunity to view it the first time, it was on my iPad in bed, no earbuds handy, and my husband was already asleep. I might have missed watching it.

    From all that I have read about what Paul has written in his letters about “homosexual behaviour”, those passages refer to very specific instances of sin, and it is a real leap to go from those to condemning people born with an orientation other than heterosexual to be celibate, or to be “living in sin” if they have the ordinary, loving and caring, reciprocal relationship that the rest of us expect to have as a part of our adult life. Marriage has been adjudicated in the US to be a civil right, and along with other human rights, ought not to be given or taken away on religious grounds, in a country with freedom of religion like the US.

    I don’t think many who frequent this blog would disagree, except perhaps on marriage rights. It’s sad that anti-discrimination ordnances for LGBT people have to be passed at the municipal level at all. These neighbours are the people that Jesus would have been eating and teaching with in people’s homes–that is one reason why he was so unpopular with the religious authorities.

  2. If he is a mainline pastor, I doubt there will be much blowback. If he is UCC, he is touting the party line.

  3. I hope his complete twist of the arguments at the end shock people into reassessing what they think/believe.

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