Re-Imagine Justice!

Dr. Alan Bean participates in a gathering of faith groups dedicated to ending mass incarceration.

“Nobody else out there does what you do.”

These words kept emerging as I talked to 100 members of a Pentecostal church in Colorado.  They shared painful stories of an ill-conceived federal prosecution tearing apart their lives and their church.

“Nobody else does what you do.”

It’s true.

The narrative campaigns sponsored by Friends of Justice spell the difference between hope and despair.  

“You saved our lives when no one would listen,” a woman in Louisiana told me a few months ago.  “Without Friends of Justice, my family would still be locked up.”

More than sixty men and women owe their freedom to the intervention of Friends of Justice.

But addressing the punitive roots of bad public policy requires a new conversation, a changing wind. Our narrative campaigns are designed to replace racial fear and resentment with reconciliation and a hunger for biblical justice.

With your help, in 2013 Friends of Justice will launch Mission Viento Contrario, a new kind of narrative campaign. 

Friends of Justice will film a series of documentaries dealing with the plight of undocumented families in the Rio Grande Valley, bringing ordinary men and women from big city suburbs along for the transformative ride.

Our documentaries will provide people in communities of faith, civic organizations and the mainstream media with an opportunity to re-imagine justice, to feel the changing wind of justice moving through the land.

This holiday season, we challenge you to Re-imagine Justice with a generous, tax-deductible donation to Friends of Justice. 

Yours for justice,

Alan Bean