A study in civic priorities, by state

By Alan Bean

This map gives us the highest paid public employees by state.  I would have thought social workers or school teachers would win the prize in at least one state.  Sadly, no.

On first glance, it appears that Blue states tend to favor basketball coaches while Red states lean toward football coaches.  But that theory breaks down under close examination.  Northern states, Blue and Red, are more likely to pay academics more than coaches.  Must be the influence of that cool Canadian air.  Vermont pays the big bucks to hockey coaches (another Canadian influence, obviously) but I bet they don’t get paid as well as the football and basketball gods.

4 thoughts on “A study in civic priorities, by state

  1. Is NH the one that pays the Hockey Coaches the most, or Vermont? NH is highlighted in green, but the narrative says VT.

  2. Vermont is more of a hockey state, so I may have misread the map. No big deal either way.

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