Just because a Black Jesus makes you uncomfortable, Megyn . . .

Please check out this Jon Stewart clip about “a white Santa”.  Santa, obviously isn’t any color because he is a harmless fiction.  He can be any color we want him to be.  Saint Nicholas is an historical figure; Santa Claus is a creation of Coca Cola.  But the historical Saint Nicholas lived in either Greece or Turkey (depending on whom you believe) so he was far from white as well.

But Megyn wasn’t finished.  Here’s her full comment:

“Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change, you know?” she added. “I mean, Jesus was a white man too. He was a historical figure, that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa — I just want the kids watching to know that.”

Unlike Santa Claus, Jesus of Nazareth is a real historical figure.  He was also a Palestinian Jew of the first century, which meant his skin was dark and his hair was likely dark brown or black.  If you saw the historical Jesus in a security line at the airport, you would get nervous.  If you worked for the Border Patrol and saw Jesus walking in Brownsville, Texas, you would ask for his papers.

Sorry, Megan.  Just because Jesus’ color, or the fictional identity of Santa makes you uncomfortable . . .

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  1. No one is saying that St. Nicholas was black; the point is that he wasn’t white, nor was Jesus.

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