Friends of Justice receives Pollination Project grant

By Alan Bean

Last year, Dallas-based real estate developer, Ari Nessell, gave away $1,000 a day to small non-profit organizations across the nation.  Friends of Justice is the proud recipient of one of these Pollination Project grants and are using it to kick-start our Common Peace Community program.  Last week, the Dallas CBS radio affiliate ran a story that featured our work.  You can find the audio here.

Should philanthropists make lots of small grants or a handful of large grants?  I suppose that is up to the philanthropists–they don’t ask us.


A Thousand Dollars A Day

By Emily Trube | KRLD

DALLAS (KRLD) – How much of a difference can $1,000 make? For almost 400 organizations around the world, a thousand dollars has been the start of something big.

Ariel Nessel

Dallas-based developer and philanthropist Ari Nessel gave away $365,000 in 2013, a thousand dollars at a time as part of the Pollination Project. The grants were given to start-up non-profit organizations and individuals who are bringing new ideas to the challenges of environmental sustainability, social justice, and community health and wellness.

KRLD’s Emily Trube spoke with Nessel and some of the people in North Texas who were recipients of the Pollination Project grants.

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