The man who put Curtis Flowers in prison just set him free.

Episode 6 of the In the Dark podcast is stunning.


The only piece of direct evidence DA Doug Evans has on Curtis Flowers comes from Odell “Cookie” Hallmon. Never mind that Hallmon testified for the defense before he changed his story.

Never mind that Hallmon (see episode 5) told jury after jury that he received nothing for his testimony when, truth be told, Doug Evans got his star witness out of legal trouble again and again.

Never mind that, thanks to yet another break from Evans, Holman got out of prison a few years ago and murdered his girlfriend and two other people in cold blood.

When the producers of In the Dark learned that Hollman was friending people from his cell in Parchman prison they decided to send him a friend request.

Hallmon responded.

And what he said will, in God’s good time, return Curtis Flowers to the free world.

No, I’m not going to tell you what he said. You need to listen for yourself.