Impact of the Colomb-Davis case on a new prosecution

The long-term impact of the Colomb-Davis case in Louisiana continues to expand. Assistant US Attornhey Todd Clemons has refused to identify the inmate witnesses lining up to testify against George Celestine and his co-defendants in a Lafayette case similar to the Colomb-Davis prosecution. Sammy Davis Jr., one of the defendants in the Colomb-Davis case, introduced me to Celestine shortly after Sammy was released last year. George is a slim, thoughtful, spiritual man who has not always chosen his friends wisely. But the government’s “case” against him is so similiar to the Colomb-Davis case that the DOJ clearly fears a similar result if they release too much information. Fortunately, the Colomb-Davis fiasco has opened the eyes of Federal Judges like Tucker Melancon and Rebecca Doherty and judicial displeasure has placed prosecutors like Todd Clemons and Brett Grayson in an untenable position. I have recently been contacted by two other defendants facing similar charges and will try to check out the details during my current trip to Louisiana. I write this from the House of Java in Alexandria, LA, and will be leaving in a few minutes to attend a peace rally for the “Jena 6”. I will have a full report on that event ready for you either later this evening or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

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