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I am writing this update from the House of Java in Alexandria, LA. Yesterday I spoke at the rally covered below. The sympathetic tone of this article says a lot. While in Jena I picked up many indications that several members of Jena’s white establishment are on the verge of jumping ship. The overreach by District Attorney Reed Walters is simply too bizarre to sustain strong support. There are also strong signs that public trials would open the door to a roomful of embarrassing revelations. My prayer is that DA Walters (not “Walter Reed” as the article below has it) will simply drop all charges and wipe this slate clean.


At yesterday’s rally King Downing of the national ACLU announced that he has sent an open letter to the DA asking for a mountain of information concerning the kind of treatment white and black students have received from the disciplinary system within the schools and the criminal justice system. Message: our concern with LaSalle Parish justice doesn’t end with Jena 6. When the megaphone was handed to me I recalled my reaction to seeing old postcards produced to commemorate public lynchings in the postbellum South. Preachers would be pictured in their Sunday finest, eating potato salad and fried chicken while singing Amazing Grace and other gospel standards. Inevitably, off to one side of the picture, you would see the lifeless corpse of a young black man hanging from a tree. Clergy support for acts of state sponsored terrorism has grown more subtle over the years, I said, but the clergy continue to serve as enthusiastic cheerleaders for the status quo, no matter how biased and bizarre it might be. Then I traced God’s protective love of the poor and the oppressed through the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The fate of the Jena 6, I said, has created a crisis of conscience for the religious community–both white and black. Not the sort of thing that ever gets quoted in the newspaper, of course.


Stay tuned folks–this story will soon be receiving that national coverage it richly deserves. An important hearing is scheduled for May 8th and three defendants are headed for trial on May 21st unless DA thinks the better of his bizarre decision to transform a school fight into a capital crime. If you would like to know more about this story, contact me at 806-729-7889 (cell) or at I should have more to report next week.


See the full report of Friends of Justice here: Jena 6 summary

Alan Bean

Friends of Justice

Reporting from Alexandria, LA

‘Free the Jena Six’
Groups to rally until charges dropped or reduced

JENA — Theodore McCoy stood with the group in front of the courthouse steps, one arm raised in the air, the other holding a large sign.”Free the Jena Six,” he shouted over and over again with the gathered crowd at LaSalle Parish’s courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

That phrase isn’t just a rally cry for McCoy though; those words have become his mission in life for the last six months since his son’s imprisonment, for what he says are bogus charges. McCoy’s son, Theodore Shaw, is one of the six Jena High School students — who have become known as the Jena Six — facing charges of attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder after a Dec. 4 fight at the school.Shaw and all-star athlete Mychal Bell each are being held in lieu of $90,000 bond. Shaw, Bell and Robert Bailey Jr. are scheduled for a jury trial on May 21. Trial dates haven’t been set for Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis. If found guilty, the boys could face 25 to 100 years in prison.

The sixth boy’s case is being handled by juvenile court and records weren’t available.

“The last couple visits he hasn’t been doing too good,” McCoy said of his son. “I’m just hoping that this rally helps. The charges need to be dropped or at least reduced to simple battery. There were no broken bones, that boy didn’t stay in the hospital, this was no attempted murder.”

McCoy wasn’t alone in his cry of injustice. He was joined by about 50 others from the area with state and national civil rights groups pledging to not let the issue die.

“No justice, no peace,” the crowd shouted.
King Downing, national coordinator for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Campaign Against Racial Profiling, came from New York to speak at the rally. He said this is one of many visits he’s already made to Jena and it won’t be his last.

“This is a long, long battle,” the attorney said. “It didn’t start with the Jena Six, and it won’t end with the Jena Six … And after there is justice for the Jena Six, it still won’t be over.”

Downing said the ACLU is here to do something about what they are calling an unjust situation.

The Rev. Raymond Brown, New Orleans Chapter Chairman of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, said his group would continue to persevere until the charges by LaSalle Parish District Attorney Walter Reed are either dropped from the felonies or downgraded to misdemeanors.

Reed was not available for comment Wednesday.
“We will continue to fight until we win this battle,” Brown said during the rally. “Unless we see equality as a measurement, there will be no peace or justice. We are going to march in mass protest in Jena …”

Purvis, the only member of the Jena Six at the rally, was joined by his mother, Tina Jones. Purvis stood away from those in the rallying crowd as his mother proudly sang along to “We Shall Overcome.”

Purvis has been attending Excelsior Christian School in Monroe since his expulsion from Jena High School. He described his three days and two nights in jail as “rough,” especially since he did nothing, he said. He wasn’t even there, Purvis asserted.

“I want to see all of our records cleared,” Purvis said. “I know it’s hurting (Bell and Shaw) being in there. They had a big future ahead of them that could be messed up. I don’t really know why all this happened. Maybe they were just trying to make an example out of us.”

Jones said the reason the fight has been turned over to the court system instead of being handled in the school is because the boys arrested were black and the boy beaten white.

“It’s a black-white thing,” she said. “Everybody is outraged about this. We can’t understand how a school fight turned into this — attempted murder, these boys are not murderers.”

Bell’s father, Marcus Jones, said this whole experience has been overwhelming.

“I’ve been a real nervous wreck,” he said. “It is just so upsetting, my son being incarcerated at such a young age. And his opportunities, we just hope this doesn’t mess up his chances with (college sports) recruiters.”

The community, Marcus Jones said, was full of racial tension well before the fight. But recent events at the school leading up to that day, especially the hanging of nooses on a tree in the school’s yard, contributed to the fight, he said. The three boys responsible for hanging the nooses earlier in the school year were suspended from school for three days and no criminal charges were pressed, he said.

“A federal crime, a hate crime was overlooked,” Jones said, incredulously. “And my boy is charged with attempted murder after a school fight. It is racism. There is no other explanation. We have evidence to show that school fights in the past have been handled by the school, not the DAs office.”

John Jenkins and Caseptla Bailey, parents of two other members of the Jena Six, said they offer their prayers to the family of the victim in the fight. But both stressed that their sons — Carwin Jones and Robert Bailey Jr., both 17 –have also become victims.

Jenkins talked to the victim’s mom and he said they both apologized to one another for the situation they each are in.

“This whole thing is going to take a lot of prayer,” he said. “We as a community are going to have to work very hard to get over this and through this. But I know there is a way out.”

After the nearly two-hour rally, Bailey said she thought the event was successful.

“We as parents, we love our children and will stand up for them to support them until the end of this battle,” she said. “But there are others here with us. And we will stay strong, motivated and always keep things in a positive direction.”

Donate to Friends of Justice and be a part of this civil rights revolution in Texas and Louisiana!

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  1. I have to say that this situations has reached the shores of britain where I am from and I find it disgusting. This case should be used to teach small minded people that racism or any prejudice/discrimantion will no longer be tolerated. For a nation to claim to be leading the world they must lead by example.

    I am genuinely distressed. The DA has used his position to “bully” some very young boys along with their community. All I can say is that you are always watched by God and all the unfairness that has been handed to these boys by the DA will come back to him.

  2. Just watched a BBC programme about this over here in Japan and my heart goes out to those boys and the people of Jena. I plan on writing to the DA to express my disgust.

  3. Hello

    I am horrified that this sort of thing is still occurring in the 21st century in a ‘1st world’ country. I have written to DA Walters to express my dismay at his outwardly racist and bizarre behaviour in this case. How can it be possible that children are on trial for a schoolyard scuffle??

    I live in Australia and America seems to be such a brutal place. I have told everyone I know about this case and written to various people. Is there anything else we can do??


    Satya Bosman
    Melbourne, Australia

  4. I am from Jena and I am deeply hurt by all the words against our small town. We are not the racist community that we have been made out to be. We are a very nice place. I was raised here, I raise my child here and I plan on continuing to raise future generations here. This is an incident that had been building up with the kids at the high school and finally hit an explosion. You that are making comments that we are backwards or other things should really read more into it and not just take what you are hearing from outsiders at face value. Even some of the mothers of some of the children involved have apologized to those that have been blasted in this situation. Please look up several Letters from the Editor in our local paper The Jena Times where apologies have been made by those involved for comments that some of those that have came in to “help” have said. There are too many people who are not from our town and coming in from outside and saying things that are not appropriate nor correct. The child that was beaten at the school was beaten unconcious and sent to the hospital. He was jumped on by the other children while he was alone outside and others that were involved blocked the doors to the building nearby where teachers or other administration could not get out to help him. If he would not have gotten help from another building I do believe full hearted that this young man would have been beaten to death. This was not a schoolyard “scuffle” as was stated earlier, this was a VERY BAD fight where a child was beaten very badly and could have been killed. Please read more into this before you make comments about how “backwards, outwardly racist” and other things that are not true. The fact that the members involved was white or black has nothing to do with this. If it was the opposite the white children would have been arrested and put into jail also. Jena really is a wonderful place to live and before this situation and outsiders coming in to ruffle things up there was very little to no black/white issues.

  5. i’m a jena native and i’m glad i don’t live there anymore. i know from experience dat the town of jena is racist!!!!!!!! and can’t nobody tell me different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. just don’t stop with jena you need to look at alexandria too. my son has just been convicted and sentence to 35 years without parole on less than circumstainal evidence. a jury of eleven whites. only one black juror, and she didn’t vote because the testimony and evidence made no sense to her. the jury voted strictly on the fact that my son was a black man. king downing come to alexandria.

  7. Hey dozier…i know who you are. Nobody was ever racist toward you. Stop trying to make yourself look like a victim.

  8. You Europeans and Austrilians sure are a bunch of socialist wimps! You call these black thugs “children”. Yeah, what are they, 4 or 5 years old? You fruitcakes! And you say “racism will no longer be tolerated”, who are you saying that to? The white “child” that was beat unconscious and still kept getting beat or the 6 black “children” or infants (should we call them infants Mr. /Mrs. Socialist?). I bet you are feeling so bad for the black thugs. Well hopefully next time they beat you up and lets see how you feel then. Considering you are a socialistic wimp, I’m sure you would blame yourself for getting the crap beat out of you. Worry about your own socialistic country and stay out of our business.

  9. Oh my God you have to be kidding me let it go people. I guess if the blacks wont get thier way they will tear the town up and burn it down, then want the goverment to come in a rebuild it. Everybody is up in arms about the jury. That can be fixed easily, I know this is going to hard but blacks to understand but when you get a Jury Summons in the mail…..GO. Blacks need to take account for thier actions and not always want the easy way out. You do the crime do the time.

    Do you notice how after Katrina you dont hear much from Mississippi Gulf Coast residences on the news wondering where thier free hand out is, while the Blacs from the Chocolate City is cryin wanting to know where the rest of thier free hand out is at. Because they got off thier lazy asses and got to work,something most blacks dont know anything about.

    Now im sure you will cry racism but go ahead. I know niggers and I know black people. I know white trash and white people. The good Blacks & Whites that I know are hard working and dont want hand outs. The niggers and white trash are always just leching off the government and waiting for the next free hand out.

    Those boys made thier beds now let them lay in them. See ya in about 20yrs boys.

  10. You know people like #6, 9, and 10 are totally in another world. They are some prejudge backwoods white people that think a black boy beating up a white child is acceptable… while a white boy/man pulling a shotgun on black boy is okay. Where I’m from that’s called attempted murder! Oh what about the white boys/girls putting the nooses on the tree? I guess that’s just normal childish behavior like the principal said right? Black people we need to face it this is America things have barely changed since we were announced free 150+ years ago. Racism is alive and well… it’s evident in the above posts. Instead of white folks calling it racism they call it the justice system. How is a black boy put on trial with a jury full of white people? I thought you werer to be judge by a jury of your peers.. But what do I know I’m just a college educated black woman. I’m sure the people of Jena know much more than us free “slaves” right? Like the #10 post said, I too know evil blacks and whites and that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the black boy beating up a white boy. But he’s sat in jail for the last 6 months. From what I’ve read the white boy that was beat up was taken to the ER and released the same day. There will never be equality in america as long as we have people in a KKK clan sitting on jury boards, courthouse, jury board, and judge seats. I constantly pray for the state of our world for the sake of my children, grandchildren, and others.

  11. Well looks like your boy is going to jail. What a shame so sad another young basketball player with dreams of being on MTV Cribs gone out the window. LYM I wouldnt brag about being ” College educated black woman” im sure the SAT scores were lowered so you could get it. You obviously want to leave out that NO BLACK PEOPLE wanted to show up for jury duty. So that is your peeps fault. Also your peeps didnt want the trial moved to a population with a higher % of blacks. So its not racsim is it? Its your people not doing thier civic duty.

  12. And while we are on the topic of Racism why is it that the “African Americans” can have a Black Entertainment Televison channel, Black only Miss America Pagent, Black History Month and so on and so forth. What would you do if thier was a white only tv channel, white only miss america pagent, white history month? I guess that would mean that we are being racist huh? Why is it that the people who what seperation are the blacks? You talk about slaves LYM I guess you didnt learn in college that your own people sold blacks into slavery or that one of the largest plantations in the South was owned by a Black Man. Selective memory how it must be nice to live in your world.

  13. Why don’t you go somewhere else because your comments are not welcome here. I can definetly speak on BOTH white and black and any other race for that matter that your words are not only hateful but disgusting. All you have done is sterotype people and whine about not having a KKK television show. Keep on moving and leave this site alone for you are not welcome here.

  14. There ya go a white person standing up for thier race and im already associated with the KKK. I really dont care if you dont like my comments. Whats wrong does the truth hurt? The truth does hurt. Does it burn? Let it sink in really good. Free world is that you can come back with? Looser. The fact is those boys will get time, for what they did. If you dont like the way the justice system is when you get a jury summons go.

  15. Yo! the whole world has go a glimps into what has been going on for year’s in this Jena. We can all tell this is as raciest as raciest can get. Im a Jena native and i know that it is a raciest town, I think it’s time for the black people in that town need’s to step to the plate and stop being afraid and come out and speak up.

  16. Yo! the whole world has go a glimps into what has been going on for year’s in this Jena. We can all tell this is as raciest as raciest can get. Im a Jena native and i know that it is a raciest town, I think it’s time for the black people in that town to step to the plate and stop being afraid and come out and speak up.

  17. Let’s take off the blind fold people. here it is 2007 and we still have some WHITE folk talking about these kid’ should get 20 are more year’s in prison for a school fight. let’s so let’s take a look into this situation, a white student from the same shcool pulled a shotgun on some black’s right? correct me if im wrong. Why then has he not been charged with a crime? 2. Let’s look at these nooses! What kind of message is that seending to these black student’s? is tha not alone a hate crime?3 And what it all boils down to is this racecisims is still alive and this is a prime example ! “The Jena 6”

  18. Ok Big T lets look at a few “facts”

    1. The gun issue DID NOT OCCUR ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. It happened at a convience store and from reports didnt invole the Jena 6.
    2. The nooses were not directed at the black students. It was directed at a rival fooball team. Why do you think it was painted in Jena’s HS colors, and no thats not a hate crime. A burning cross yes.

    The only hate crime I saw was 6 black youth jumping on one white student. If the tables were turned the black leaders of the community would be crying hate crime would they not?

  19. Those racists, the prosecutor, the jury, the school board and the white students are all brainwashed by the anti-african-american attitude of your american corporate media. The media show african-americans in a negative way, which leads to the affirmation of prejudice among whites. In effect they attack the black community in this way. In my country the situation is similar, but with a twist. Here in the Netherlands the corporate media attack only the islamic community [and not the black community]. Therefore we have racial hate against muslims and social seggregation between islamic and non-islamic people. The pattern is completely comparable to the situation in the US, but with different subjects. The goal for the corporate elite for this kind of mass manipulation is to ‘divide and rule’. A racially divided population is easier to control. The caucasian majority is conditioned in this way to see black people as their ‘enemy’. That way they are distracted from their real enemy: the corporate elite and other rich people for instance in the government. Black people obviously get to deal with the racism and prejudice and are thus forced to see white people as their enemy. This is classic ‘divide and rule’, originally made famous by the Roman Empire but still in use as we speak. Don’t let the corporate elite manipulate or brainwash you into ‘hating your neighbour’! Remember that the mass media are the most important instrument of power in the hands of the upper class. Read ‘Manufacturing consent’ by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky.

  20. This case has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with race. It has to do with an assault. If the boys accused of the crime are the ones who commited the crime they should be locked up and possibly charged under federal hate crime laws. If there is impropriety on the part of the DA, may he face the same consequences as former DA Nifong.

  21. I can’t believe there is a question as to whether or not this has to do with race. Anyone who knows anything about race relations in the US knows that a noose from a tree equals strange fruit equals lynchings and terror against blacks to keep the minority in line, in the cotton feilds, away from white girls, away from white neighborhoods, in the back of the bus.

    If the three white students that hung the nooses didn’t mean for it to offend anyone that way, they would have been horrified once they figured out the true meaning of what they had done and immediately apologized and made strenuous efforts to publicly make amends.

    If the school took the issue of creating a non-hostile environment for all its students seriously, it would have been horrified by the nooses, suspended the three white kids for more than just a couple days, and made strenuous efforts to re-educate all the students on their zero-tolerance policy against harrasment, bullying, and racism. Some workshops on violence and conflict resolution might not hurt, either.

    If the DA was a good human being, he wouldn’t threaten children saying he can destroy their lives with the stroke of his pen, and he would want to work as hard as possible to keep these kids out of prison. And if he weren’t racist, then he would be capable of seeing this from the kids’ point of view.

    I am truly disappointed that this deep level of denial of racism exists in this culture. The fact that discrimination and ignorance and prejudice still exist is not the issue, it’s the fact that no one seems to have the courage to recognize and address them that keeps the issue alive and well in America.


  23. I just believe that this was a school yard fight and back in my day I do not remember any one going to jail for 20 plus years for a school yard fight! I don’t care how you look at it…To the black community nooses hanging from a tree sends 1 and only 1 message. Let’s be real about this and put all feelings aside. This was a school yard fight. It happend on school grounds between the kids. This action sends the wrong message to the young people in Jena. FORGET RACE SAVE THE CHILDREN ALL OF THEM! The are the future!!! If any one has a solution for these 6 kids who were involved in a school yard fight please present it. All this other stuff keep it to yourself it is not helping this kids you are up against a court system that is openly doing the wrong thing.

  24. The story has reach Europe, shame on Jena. You folks from Jena are living in the 19th century.

    It is obviously racism (even if the fight has not to be forgiven). And, like always in such cases, racist denies. Racist is always blind on his own racism.

  25. Who are you kidding? Rolling my eyes in Louisiana?
    You are just as ingnorant or dumb as the Racist DA in Jena is.How can you justify kids getting 20 yrs for a school fight.If I were there and they hung those nooses I would have wanted to kick some butt too! and beleive me those kids will not get a fair trial with all those dumb REDNECKS running that good for nothing town!

    Open up your eyes Jena is as raciast as any town in the country!

  26. Pat this aint Europe. How can you say its racism? The white boy was jumped by 6 black boys. If it was the other way around its would be a hate crime.

  27. Everybody reading this story knows it’s all about racism. Denying this fact is just an act of hypocrisy, plain and simple. The bigots that are in denial on this page are full of sh##t. They know it, everybody knows it.

    The best thing for them to do right now is to apologize for the social injustice they do to african-americans as we speak, and for the social injustice of the past centuries. Then we would have grounds for further discussion.

    By the way, the reason why in Europe more people are shocked by this kind of racial intolerance, is that our massmedia do not routinely attack black people. For that reason white people here are not as much prejudiced against black people in Europe. It’s all manipulation by capitalist media moguls [see my earlier post].

  28. Has any one ever wondered why it looks like the so-called “race” problem is actually a “Black” problem? Why other races can get alone well with the Whites? Perhaps the Blacks should do a good check on themselves.

  29. It is not fair for Blacks not only in Jena but also within the hundreds of other communities where a (White) persons culture has not evolved at all. The lack of cultural evolution is the main reason why there are so few Blacks in Jena. Blacks who have an opportunity to leave the rual South find freedom and diversity. Whites who leave also find the same things. It is a shame once freedom and diversity are found it is not brought back and accepted because change is inevitable. I think that the powers that be in Jena are expressing there frustrations by destroying the lives of these boys as a cultural sacrifice to keep their culture intact. My best advice to the Blacks who do live in these rural communities in the south would be to take your roots with you and let these farmers grow their sugar cane and cotton while we advance to a better place with our families and our culture. I am truely sorry for the Jena 6. They will need money and legal help for a while.

  30. Oh we beg your forgivness. Please show us how to run a country. Shut up before long you will be over run by another dictator and the US will have to bail your ass out again. Im so tired of hearing about how bad the poor black man is treated here in the US. How its such an injustice and how the “man” is always bringing him down. Here is a news flash take responsibilty for your actions. I see it all the time in my line of work. Look if blacks get treated so bad here then they all can live with you and you can hold hands and sing by the camp fire.

  31. This is all so stupid! This was not just a “school fight”. In a fight, the opponent has a chance. Justin Barker had no chance. This was an attack! He was walking out the gym and was hit from behind by Mychal Bell and Barkers head was then slammed into a concrete beam right outside the gym door and then was continually stomped while unconcious by Bell and stomped by the other 5. These 6 boys are criminals! They will be prosecuted as such! I’m amazed that these parents , Alan Bean, and others think these kids should get off scott free and have no consequences for their actions. A couple of more blows to the head and the Barker kid might have killed!
    btw, as for the convient store incident the boy (who is not a student at Jena High School)was walking in the store from his truck when the 3 black boys started chasing him and by the time he got back to his truck they were there so he had to grab his gun he was then beaten with it

  32. I’m not going to call names because it does no good, but some of these comments are a sad commentary on our society. We are so divided we can’t see straight. Part of it is the way that we were brought up. Another part is the stereotypes that are presented & proliferated. Not all black people are bad, just like not all white people are good. That’s life & being human. There seems to be a focus on this white boy who was knocked out by a sucker punch & then kicked while unconscious. Yes, that was horrible & that shouldn’t have happened, but it did. From some accounts, he caused it by getting in one of the black boy’s faces & using the n word. Basically laughing in his face for getting jumped, beat up & his head busted open with a bottle previously by a group of white kids.
    Where was the justice for that black boy against his attackers? There’s not a problem disagreeing with one another, but try to see the other person’s side. People are always defensive, but that is usually because deep inside they know that something’s just not right. I’m not angry, just sad. This country is going to hell in a hand basket & situations like this are only making the hand basket travel faster. We as a people, people of the United States need to wake up & realize that the color of someone’s skin does not dictate what a person will become. It’s their home life & environment. Some time in the near future I believe all people will need to work together just to survive. The government is not what you think it is & they are not protecting us from anything. In fact, the only real terrorists we have to worry about is the U.S. Government. You may not see it now, but by the time you do, it will be too late. Peace.

  33. I am so tired of hearing uneducated whites state ” take responsibility of your actions” . You are a product of your enviroment. White Americans will never be able to understand how it feels to be black. History tells us that white Europeans are the devil. God gave the devil rule over the earth. Who come first shall come last and who come last shall come first. White people think they are the superior race thats because they are savages. They came from the caves of Europe ( neanderthals) . They have always felt inferior to the black man . Thats why they tried to enslave are our mind body and soul. They have robbed blacks of our heritage and our ablity to have equal opportunity for our constitutional right persuit of happiness. Yes, slavery is over, however we are only two generations from slavery. So I am still living with the back lashes of my great grandparents that were slaves. The chosen always have it the hardest!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Philonda you are the one below the white man. Why if it were not for your black ancestors selling your relatives into slavery then you would be in Africa. The chosen of what to leach off society? If blacks are so smart why are SAT scores lowered so blacks can get into certain colleges? Why does the black population in general feel they are “owed” something? You were not a slave get over it.

    Since the passage of the original Civil Rights Act in 1964, many billions of dollars — even trillions — have been paid to U.S. blacks in the form of racial job quotas and racial preferences which have mandated that a certain proportion of blacks be hired and/or promoted over whites. The U.S. Goverment Accounting Office and the Office of Management and Budget are reluctant to publish these politically incorrect figures, but they are an historic and undeniable fact.

    Additionally, hundreds of billions of dollars have also been paid to poverty-level black families via welfare entitlements during this same period. The U.S. Government Accounting Office and the Office of Management and Budget figures on this score are quite telling.

    Since these huge “reparations” have already been paid, and if blacks still feel they are not succeeding in the U.S., one must logically ask: Who, really, is responsible for their perceived failure?

    Consider the following historic facts regarding slavery of blacks (nominally Africans) over the centuries:

    The West African state of Benin was known in the 17th century as “Dahomey”, and they ruthlessly rounded up tribespeople and sold them to Spanish, European, and American slave traders. 20th century Benin recently apologized for the role it played in the American slave trade. Luc Gnacadja, Benin’s minister of environment and housing, told a Richmond, Virginia, audience “We cry for forgiveness and reconciliation” during a state visit on Saturday, April 29.

    But American blacks aren’t very impressed by Benin’s acknowledgment of its role in the slave trade. The reason? Benin is a poor country and has no money to offer for “reparations”. The reported per capita income in Benin today is $400 per year. Thus, American blacks really don’t care how much responsibility the West African state of Benin may have had for selling their fellow Africans into slavery. So much for justice.

    During the height of the slave trade, the African nation of Senegal profited greatly by using its island of Goree as a major shipping point for slaves bound for many foreign markets, including the U.S. To date, not one American black has demanded payment of “reparations” from Senegal. Hmmm.

    The buying and selling of African people into slavery had been practiced for hundreds, and even thousands, of years before the United States even existed! Furthermore, many of the “buyers and sellers” were not white or even European. Since the U.S. didn’t exist at that time, and since the volume of Africans sold into slavery in the pre-U.S. period far exceeds the number of slaves sold to U.S. citizens, shouldn’t the bulk of “reparations” be paid by this historic enslavers and not by U.S. citizens?

  35. More racist drivel from the poor disinfranchised whiteman! WHy dont you stop browing and posting in Stormfront, get out of your trailer/basement and see the world personally! Black people arent going anywhere so get over it!! SUck it up and deal with!

  36. Real brotha I have seen the world more than you ever will I promise you that. I know black people are not going anywhere, I couldnt get that lucky. If I speak the truth im a racist? I doubt it. Whenever blacks in general are not getting thier way its always rasicm. So run to brother Sharpton and Jackson and tell them that there is a whiteman that is speaking pro-white and yall come rally in my yard. I have nothing against blacks, I really don’t. It’s just yall need to quit kicking a dead horse.

  37. Rolling my eyes,
    I am a young black male and I agree with portions of posts like accountability but that goes both ways. I understand that slavery is over and our ancestors contributed to the debacle but we are seriously not being treated equal. I work hard day in and day out but I have been pulled over for wearing a certain color and accused of being a gangster….where’s the equality. Even though my experiences pale in comparison to what these young men are going thru they were defining moments in my view of not just white people but of the judicial system. This is 2007 people… true enough us blacks should making excuses and do what we need to do but whites should stop giving us reasons….who shoots a ammunition-less gun

  38. this is to 10,i dont know why yall crackers dont get it lets you come to my home town of Washington DC I Bet you wont open your dam mouth some black people who never left the south are a little behind the times but try coming up here with that sh%%% and see waht happens and by the way alll 100.000 of us niggers will see you on September 20, 2007 are yall crackers ready for some real niggers

  39. Whoever Rolling my eyes is you need too keep your opinions too yourself, for you are so miss guided. You will never know the african/black american struggle. You are the most racist of all the ignorance you spout is home grown it’s what you were taught. Where you shackled, beaten, raped, treat less than human, given scrapes to eat Hell NO!. Further more white america can never make up for slavery. The Jews never let you forget the Holocast, and we will never let you forget this. Because we represent your greatest fear the educated black man, that’s why you killed Martin Luther King Jr., Megar Evers, Malcom X, many of the black panthers, because they were waking up blacks to fight for equality. Your greatest fear is us, you rape the black woman, and save your own like they are some prize. That’s why so many influencial blacks who married out there race have had problems because the white mans prize was his woman and when black men started dating, marrying them you lost it. No, you need to wake up and see past color, you sit out in the sun to get a tan why because you envy our black skin, that you risk skin cancer. What happened to those youngmen is wrong. When the black youngman was beat up nothing done, and as far as the nooses, where your ancesters lenched, or someone you know. So what do you know. You all didn’t even have the courage to bare your faces wearing white sheets, draging people out there homes and stringing them up. You need to pull your head out your ass for you think your sh**t don’t stink. This is purely a case of assault not murder or attempted murder.

  40. Ok Lisa first off learn to talk correctly. You type like you talk a ignorant uneducated trash. Shut up learn to type.

  41. Get a Grip that is exactly what you need to do. Wake up and face what they call reality.

    1. No I wasn’t beat and shackled or a memeber of my family and I doubt very seriously were yours.

    2. As far as MLK.

    ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    Aug. 28, 1963

    So why is it that blacks in general feel they are “owed” something? Questions on test are biased. Oh basic math and history are biased? So lets lower SAT score so blacks can get it.

    When I started my carrer in Public Service. I was appauled at the fact that blacks are given points on exams just so more could pass. Why? So racial quotas will be filled. It’s didn’t do much good though all we did was weken a dept. By putting uneducated men in positions that should have been filled by men who where capable of doing the job. Job given to him because of the color of his skin.

    Just the other day I gave a black man $10.00 after he approched me at the hospital where my wife worked and begged for some money to feed his children. I gave him $10.00 and drove off around the block and parked only to see him to the convience store across the street and buy some beer. Just showed the content of his character

    I suggest you go re-read some of my earlier posts. I stated earlier that the charges of attempted murder were unfounded and a strech but it was pre-medatated.

    As far as black men and white women only reason they are getting white women is because most black women are dirty nasty people. If you are a black woman how does that make you feel? That a black man would prefer a white woman over you!

    Tanning humm if I tan to be more like you then why don’t I have jerry curl in my hair and my wife a weave? Belive me being black is the farthest from my mind. If fact its natural response from the human body to tan.

    Yes, its ALL the white man’s fault that blacks were slaves. Re-read post 36. but incase you are too lazy to scroll back up here’s a exert –

    The buying and selling of African people into slavery had been practiced for hundreds, and even thousands, of years before the United States even existed! Furthermore, many of the “buyers and sellers” were not white or even European. Since the U.S. didn’t exist at that time, and since the volume of Africans sold into slavery in the pre-U.S. period far exceeds the number of slaves sold to U.S. citizens

    As far as the Klan goes , no I was never a part or were my parents or grandparents. The hoods were in place to instill fear in blacks and to keep them in check.

    Personally I have never raped a black woman the thought of it makes me ready to vomit.

  42. This is a typical example of reverse racism. Was it wrong to hang nooses from the tree, absolutely. Should those students responsible for hanging those nooses be punished, absolutely and they were. Now to say that 6 black students jumping a white student and kicking him in the face is ok, that is wrong. If it were the opposite, if 6 white students jumped a black student than the NAACP, rev. Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton would have had a 10,000 black people protesting a hate crime, but because it was black on white and the students responsible are being punished appropriately the black students are being treated “unfairly”. Enough is enough, black, white, or purple, 15 or 50 when you jump someone 6 to 1 and you kick them in the face while they are on the ground regardless of the injuries inflicted they should be punished to the full extent of the law. Stop using racism as a blanket to protect black people from being prosecuted from doing things that are clearly wrong.

  43. f**k these racist a$$ krackers, they treat us like sh*t in the so called land of the free and to pull this kind of stunt giving 6 BLACK boys 20 yrs. for a school fight that’s crazy. Black people they only do this to us because they know they can do it and thats the scary part. we need to do like the whites and the latinos and show more unity.rolling my eye’s said the lil krack a$$ kracker boy pulled the gun out at a store what differance does it make, he stil drew a gun so in sayin that he should of got his pale white a$$ kicked and sent to jail,and rolling my eye”s can try to justify how we lazy and do things to ourself but in the end we’ll be on top and look down on small town racist A$$ krackers like him

    peace to all my black folks

  44. ‘Rolling my Eyes in Louisiana’ … In your comment ‘…The hoods were in place to instill fear in blacks and to keep them in check.’ I dont think the hoods were used to instill fear. I think the sheets and hoods were used to cover and protect them so that their terriostic ways and tactics would not cause them to tarnish their souls thus allowing them to be able to still stand in church on Sunday with their brothers and sing praises to God. Like God cant see thru sheets.

    The hoods were in place to instill fear in blacks and to keep them in check.;_ylt=AtUhgw.CaQyq8LyXMl5j24qs0NUE

  45. i am from the “ghetto” jus to let u kno… n i have always preferred black people then whites because whites always want shit their way n they tend to be more racist…not all…but most…n wat i was taught i don’t give a shits who u are but i am who i am n i am not lowerin myself to u jus because u r white and think u are better than me



  48. Rolling Eyes in Lousiana, shut up. You don’t know nothing! You can’t say nothing about MLK cause you don’t even know what he said. You probaly got that speeh out a book. So get your lazy butt up and read and find out what he really said. And we don’t think that we need to be “owed” something. About that SAT thing, what you saying, we dumb. What, we need to lower SAT scores for? We’re smarter than ya’ll is. At least we got some since. And black women are not dirty nasty people, for your FYI we’re take care of ourselves better than ya’ll do thank you. And don’t nobody give a BS about your $10.00 or your judge of character. And if the fact of raping a woman wants to make you vomit, you need to check what you said about black woman, cause ya’ll are the nasty ones. And I do back up Get A Grip in Ohio staement. Cause when it’s time for you to fast the real judge, you ain’t gonna say all that BS you just said.

  49. Why are people so hateful. God said for us to love one another. Our skin color maybe different but we are human too, we have morals nd values too. My family reared me knowing no color , they taught me that people are people and we should everyone like a brother or sister as God has commanded us to do. Jena,LA we are not cattle and I am disturbed and angry about what ya’ll are doing to our young men. And to the prosecutor, judge, and the all whit jury God help you because something is going to come into your lives that you will not be able to bare. so go on try to kill our young men and see what the devil have for you demons. See how how yor creator repay you. Our forefathers built this country while you hellfied people stood over them with guns and whips. You demons will not wi n this time we are tired and WILL FIGHT BACK.

  50. Why are people so hateful. God said for us to love one another. Our skin color maybe different but we are human too, we have morals nd values too. My family reared me knowing no color , they taught me that people are people and we should love everyone like a brother or sister as God has commanded us to do. Jena,LA we are not cattle and I am disturbed and angry about what ya’ll are doing to our young men. And to the prosecutor, judge, and the all white jury God help you because something is going to come into your lives that you will not be able to bare. So go on try to kill our young men and see what the devil have for you demons. See how how your creator repay you. Our forefathers built this country while you hellfied people stood over them with guns and whips. You demons will not win this time we are tired and WILL FIGHT BACK.

  51. Man if it wasn’t for me you all could hold hands and say how wrong and unjust this world is and how its all the white mans fault. You must be happy the charges were dropped from attempted murder. Get a Grip did you capitalize everything to make it seem like you were yelling? Man please don’t yell it hurts my eyes to look at all that large type. Oh I know why you did it. It was to show how educated you were cause you knew where the caps lock key was right? Dumb poor soul. Alas I grow tired of messing wth you …..people. So ill check in from time to time and see that you …..people are getting your dose of reality and to keep you in check. Later bitches.

  52. i just wanted to know why did the black kids only get charged why didnt the white kid get charged for having a gun at school

  53. To Richard…..the white kid did not have a gun at school that was done at a convience store. I hope Rolling My Eyes reads this next part, but if he doesnt ever see this it will be a relief that he isnt even coming on here anymore. I cant believe how you can just categorize a race of people into one group!!! Yea I saw your email before saying how you know n*****s and you know black people, but it doesnt appear to me from your statements that the black people you know are by choice. I am half white and half Native American and my son’s father is African American. The news postings may be wrong, but it was my understanding that the white boy who got jumped checked out of the hospital and went to a dance afterwards….sounds to me like he wasnt that bad off. I am not excusing those boys jumping on him, but then again I am not excusing the other boy supporting such a racist act in their face. This was a racist act not just against the blacks, but against all races that were affected by the wrath of White Supremacy. Native Americans, African Americans, Jews, Hispanics….anybody else you would like to add Roll My Eyes??? If those boys cannot receive a fair trial for the act they have done then I know all the other above races would not have either considering from the stats I have read Jena is a White Town!!! What part of Public Office do you work for?? If you really want to be technical about stuff most tests are now graded by a curve not just for black students!!! Also, besides your little “educated” comments you post where you are just copying and pasting from different Googled sights the only other thing that is coming out your typing is putting down other people that dont believe in what you are saying. This was a sight about Jena 6 and what was going on till you came on here wanting to put in your egotistical, I know it all, Black Women are nasty, the white sheet was to scare people, blacks sold slaves comments….Until you are actually able to have a steady friendship with another race besides your own I think you need to stay out of all the other race’s business. Cause yea I might not be black, but my son is bi-racial and if he has to be called a n****r due to people like you pushing on younger generations that black people are lazy, nasty, and ignorant and it is ok to hang nooses from a tree, then I for one will be hollering the same thing that those boy’s parents are hollering and I could care less if I am doing it by myself or with the NAACP on my side!!!

  54. I could not help but respond to the ignorance of some of these postings. I hate to admit it but if my people were more educated on the history of injustice among blacks, we would not be wide eyed and surprised at what’s goning on in Jena…….I’m in Shreveport and I must say that racism is alive and kicking(ass) just 110 miles from Jena.

  55. and the black kids have to go to jail this show tha t people should keep there f#c*n mouths shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Rolling my eyes in louisiana,I want to tell you that i am an 16 year old and i hear your ingnorance , May God have mercy on your soul . Cause let me tell you where your going believe me you earned it .You are the most racist person i ever heard. Why are u so blind on whats going on. reading what you wrote you when to all different subject that wasnt important, your RACIST!!!!!!!!!

  57. Richard the white boy didnt have a gun at school the gun incident didnt happen at school and was a totally seperate incident.

  58. Ok I can see its time to step back in the light. First Jessica darling the gun incident happened at a convience store and not on school grounds. In fact it didnt even involve any of the Jena 6, and if you talk like you type well you need to go back to school and get an education. Reality you are 16yo who only thinks they know what they are talking about. Who are you to judge me? Only God can do that my friend. I doubt because of my opinion I will be on an express elevator to hell. I am not a racist. I have plenty of Black, Asian, friends so color does not bother me. What bothers me is the fact that if someone is black and they get in trouble its only because they are black.

    Nobody thinks hey maybe just maybe they actually commited a crime. Ive said all along the attempted murder charges were a bit much. However they comminted a crime and need to be punished for it. It wouldnt matter if it were 6 whites on 1 black they would deserve to be punished and you can bet old Jessie and Al would have been down here sooner and had every abbreviated organization here too

  59. Rolling my Eyes,

    Let me preface this with a complement. Your material is cogent, and I agree with most of it, although it is presented in a manner lacking racial…. diplomacy. But you don’t care about that, and your apathy is simultaneously refreshing and frightening. Refreshing because you were right when you said someone must present it, frightening because I sense bias that misleads the readers. If you want them to listen, you can’t call them nappy headed hos (just ask that sports radio broadcaster).

    You’re not a racist, but the fact that people think you are does not lend any creedence to your argument. This is meaningless now, because they already think you are a racist, but in future conversations involving race please try not to be so caustic and trite. Everyone knows about affirmative action, and SAT scores, etc. It’s better to build the black community up with words, rather than hack at it’s weak spots. Blacks are not proud of AffAct, but I know plenty of employed and qualified blacks that would have been overlooked in the rural south had it not been for that legislation. Also, some blacks don’t have a chance in hell of getting a better score than an over-medicated, upper-class white male, but they should have a chance to go to the same school.

    In the Jena case, there are facts people:

    1. An adolescent was sent to the hospital. He was outnumbered, and violence of any sort should never be condoned. Misdemeanor charge at most- all six boys.

    2. There were nooses hung from the “white tree” (self-proclaimed white hangout during recess periods where the fight happened). Regardless of intentions or an upcoming football game, they represent a touchy thing in the south, and everyone needs to realize that. Semester of suspension, and in school probation for 1 year.

    3. Racial slurs were used by both sides. Either way, this is intolerable, and should be handled by the school system. New programs should be put into place to deal with this- I grew up around racism, and the language used was the most common form.

    4. Bottom line: The Jena 6 cannot get off without a court mandated punishment. Verbal taunting may bruise the ego, but it is no justification for the battery of another human. However, the 22 to even 100 years I keep hearing about would be, without a doubt, the most outlandish court sentence in history. The kid went to a “social function” after he was released from the hospital-so I hear anyway-he couldn’t have been that close to death. I think I’m going to the march on the 20th, it should be an amalgamation of Selma and Plessy v Ferguson. If this case turns out the way the black community says it will (6 felons), it will be a racially historic event.

  60. This all started b/c of a tree. From what I heard a black kid was jumped and beaten up by some ignorant white guys, all b/c of a tree! Later the white kid was attacked b/c he was taunting the blacks about the black kid getting beat up, and the nooses on the tree. Now the black kids who beat this white guy up are being charged with horrendous crimes. Not only that, they also were threaten by the police. What I want to know is where is the justice? Why wasn`t the white boys who beat the black guy treated the same way as the blacks? For all of you white people who continue to try and justify what is happening in Jena you are only in denial. There is no way you can look at this and say it`s fair! As for ” rolling my eyes,” My prayers are with you. Anyone with that much hatred cannot know God. If you don`t know Him, you better get to know him, or suffer the consequences! To all my brothers and sisters just keep the faith and trust and believe God is on His throne. He is in control and all this mess going on here in America that is against God will cease!! Thats a promise! Those who don`t have a personal relationship with him shall suffer! It`s time we christians stand up for what is right, and know that we are not alone! Let us continue to fight the unjustice and stand for what is Godly “Love For All Mankind!”
    Many Blessings,

  61. Rolling my eyes in Louisiana……I honestly couldn’t have said any of it better myself! After reading this story and hearing about it on the news I just had to laugh and the ridiculousness of it all….comparing hanging of a noose to the beating of another human being! Black or white, it doesn’t matter….it was wrong and they deserve to be punished. I love that you put it all out there and said all the things that I have wanted to say for so very long! Cheers to you!!!!!!!!!!! I hope for the best for ALL of the boys involved.

  62. The Jena 6 case began last fall when a new black student to the mostly white, rural Louisiana town of Jena sat under the “white tree,” so called because it was the place where the white kids at school congregated.

    The next day three white boys on the rodeo team hung three nooses from the tree.

    The white boys were only given an in-school suspension, their act deemed no more than a “prank.”

    The day after that several of the school’s black high school football stars organized a peaceful silent protest under the tree. The school freaked, called in the police and the next day Reed Walters, the local D.A., addressed the school. There, he is reported to have looked at the black kids in the audience, waved his pen in the air and said, “With a stroke of this pen, I can make your life disappear.”

    The football season was a good one for Jena and for a few months there was relative quiet in the town. Then on November 30th, a wing of the high school was burned down. Whites thought it was blacks and the blacks assumed it was the whites.

    The always excellent Wade Goodman of NPR reported what happened next:

    “The next night, 16-year-old Robert Bailey and a few black friends tried to enter a party attended mostly by whites. When Bailey got inside, he was attacked and beaten. The next day, tensions escalated at a local convenience store. Bailey exchanged words with a white student who had been at the party. The white boy ran back to his truck and pulled out a pistol grip shotgun. Bailey ran after him and wrestled him for the gun.
    After some scuffling, Bailey and his friends took the gun away and brought it home. Bailey was eventually charged with theft of a firearm, second-degree robbery and disturbing the peace. The white student who pulled the weapon was not charged at all.

    The following Monday, Dec. 4, a white student named Justin Barker was loudly bragging to friends in the school hallway that Robert Bailey had been whipped by a white man on Friday night. When Barker walked into the courtyard, he was attacked by a group of black students. The first punch knocked Barker out and he was kicked several times in the head. But the injuries turned out to be superficial. Barker was examined by doctors and released; he went out to a social function later that evening.

    Six black students were arrested and charged with aggravated assault. But District Attorney Reed Walters increased the charges to attempted second-degree murder.”

    The first black kid to go to court, Mychal Bell, then 16, was tried as an adult and convicted by an all-white jury. He faced 22 years in prison. After an outcry the charges were reduced; however, tomorrow Mychal Bell is to be sentenced on the lesser charges.

    The white kids who attacked Bailey the night before have not been charged with anything.

    As always happens in these cases, the blacks say of course there has always been racism in this little town, and the whites say their little town is just like any other small town full of good, churchgoing folk.

    What white Southerners still fail to realize is their complicity in some of the most vicious and effective terrorism the world has ever seen. Lynchings were only the most visible and brutal embodiments of a system to terrorize the black minority. A noose is a symbol the way a swastika is a symbol. A noose hanging from a tree in that context is an almost unimaginably vicious act. Those white teens, instead of being ashamed of their terrorist ancestry, reveled in the evil. The adults who are charged with the education of all the students deemed it merely a prank.

    The scariest part of this ordeal is that you know these boys are the relatively lucky ones for whom publicity might spare them. How many other black lives are still thrown away at the whim of our broken justice system?

  63. I am in support of the Jena 6. I feel as though that Louisiana is not setting a good example of the world. They are clearly showing that their minds are still corrupt and that they are still on the black and white hate. I disagree with how Louisiana is going about the case. If they are going to charge anyone, it should be all. The 6 young men were not the only ones who retaliated. It’s not right and they know it’s not right. By this it’s not going to do anything but stir up more hate and confusion across the world. A lot of people thought it was put behind but as you can see it’s not. Lets do something about it. FREE THE JENA 6!

  64. this is for rolling eyes in Louisiana, you are one of the most ignorant people i have ever read coments. YOU ARE RASCIM TO THE MAX. why dont you let your freinds of different races know how you realy feel,you are one real tough man long as no one knows who you are.its people like you that keep blacks, whites,and other races from prospering.i think that these young men were wrong but i also think the whites were also and should be punished as well.the prosecutor is a rascist without a doubt as well as the judge.if the judge was doing his job a lot of this would not have happened but he got caught up in the race also.why is it when white people want to convict a black man they always stack a white jury against him WHY CANT IT BE EQAULITY FOR ALL.lets do sumthing but lets do it wright for both sides.the bottom line is we all live here and theres no changing that so lets get it together now not matter because our time is running out.lets stop the ignorance and learn to be PEOPLE WITHOUT A COLOR.

  65. I’m sorry these kids are in jail, but the thing is what if it had been reversed? what if it had been six white kids beating up on one black kid? they would’ve been charged with the exact same charges as these six, in fact, in my opinion these six boys knew the law, and yet they assaulted the white boy. i do not approve of the nooses being hung from the tree as i feel that is wrong no matter what race you are. but i do think that the Jena 6 should answer for the beating that they did. it’s not that the court system that is racist, if anything the people who have come up with the protesting are racist themselves. i am admit i am a white woman, but i am also justice bound, and would like some justice served for those who commit crimes. in short, these boys need to answer for what they did, and not get off the hook just because they’re african american. every other race would be punished for assault, what makes these six so special? in God’s eyes were all the same, we came from the Seed of Adam and Eve, and were we all protected by Jesus. God doesn’t see us a separate races but as a whole. We are all God’s creations and even He would not approve of His people treating each other so disrespectfully. Let’s stop these racism before we revert to the era of the segregation, it’s time that mankind learned that it doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, hispanic, or anything in between, a crime is a crime, and deserves to be treated as such.

  66. also in response to Ana, it doesn’t matter what race you are, i’m part German, part Cherokee, and Part Slovic, and I don’t holler about races this and race that. I live in S. Texas where the majority of the population is Hispanic and I don’t hear them hollering out whenever one of their own gets thrown in jail, if anything I hear them saying “good”. these boys committed a crime by assaulting another student, they deserve to be charged with assault charges. i do believe, though, that they should drop the attempted homicide charges as though are a little strict. but c’mon people open your eyes and see that this is a crime not matter what race committed it, they deserve to be punished. and people stop yelling out about races, but racism is bulls**t, nothing more than an excuse to hate someone just because they’re different. i have black, white, asian, and hispanic friends, i’m not a racist, and i don’t appreciate people who are.

  67. A lot of people are saying that if the circumstances were reversed, the white teenagers would have been charged as an adult for attempted murder using tennis shoes as deadly weapons. However, it seems to be the beliefs of thousands of Blacks are that the charges would HAVE NOT been the same. History in Louisiana has proven this fact. That is what this demonstration is all about. BEING FAIR. .

  68. People in America of all races have problems today. But It’s all started in the families, teach ur children to be good or teach them to be bad. In this case, I strongly feel if 6 people ganged up and beat up 1 person unconscious then they must be charged accordingly such as attempting murder, if the person died, it’s a murder charge. If that was 1-on-1 fist fight then I can see that’s not an issue to discuss much about. Otherwise, there is no justice, and people might think they can do almost everything and get away with it. After all, blame it on the judicial system or racism is not the answer to the problems. I am an Asian-American, I don’t see this is a black-white issue. Reality check here, African-American people should take a deep look into their souls. An example of O.J or some black athletes whom they are the idols (the most influent people) for the kids. If these people are criminals then the rest probably are more/less the same with bad attitudes. Lots of Books to read and write at schools or at libraries is the best solution rather than people hang out on streets/parks all days and all nights, stealing, loud rap music, cursing, intimidating people n no respect to others.

  69. Proud To Be White
    Someone finally said it
    How many are actually paying attention to this?

    There are African Americans,

    Mexican Americans,
    Asian Americans,
    Arab Americans,
    Native Americans, etc.
    And then there are just – Americans.

    You pass me on the street
    and sneer in my direction.
    You Call me “White boy,”
    “Cracker,” “Honkey,”
    “Whitey,” “Caveman,”
    .And that’s OK.

    But when I call you Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink … You call me a racist.

    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most
    dangerous places to live?

    You have the United Negro College Fund.
    You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month.
    You have Cesar Chavez Day.

    You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You Have Yom Hashoah.
    You have the NAACP.
    And you have BET.

    If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) … We’d be racists.

    If we had a White Pride Day … You would call us racists.

    If we had White History Month … We’d be racists.

    If we had any organization for only whites to “advance” OUR lives > … We’d be racists.

    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?

    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships You know we’d be racists.
    There are over 60 openly-proclaimed Black-only Colleges in the US ,

    yet if there were “White-only Colleges” … THAT would be a racist college.

    In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights, … You would call us racists.

    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride … You call us racists.

    You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug-dealer who is running from the LAW and posing a threat to ALL of society … You call him a racist.

    I am proud. … But, you call me a racist. Why is it that only whites can be racists?

  70. Well if I were God I would wipe out all of the inhabitants of earth and start all over to see if we’ve learned our lesson.. Oh wait my bad, He already tried that!

    Guess it didn’t work, hate and racisim are still alive and well on terra earth. What a shame, God actually thought He was doing something good by giving all of us free will… what a surprise, we all suck!!

  71. I’m with you, rolling your eyes in LA, if anything was just “white” it wouldn’t be “fair”. so how come other races out there have their own scholarships and groups? but yet, we who are proclaimed as “white” aren’t allowed to have our own scholarships. if you ask me that’s not fair to us. i’m not a racist and never shall be, but be fair with us, and treat us with the same dignity. Enough Black Pride, enough Hispanic Pride. Let’s try instead American pride, this country was founded on the belief that “…All Men are Created Equal.” Let’s stand by that statement, and allow the courts to make their decision on these boys fate and stop proclaiming that the only reason they’re being punished is because their “black.” you know u might be from LA, but guess what LA started out as a French province, Hello White Men founded LA.

  72. one more thing on your list, Rolling your eyes, Native Americans like my ancestors don’t have a day just for them and they were here first. in my opinion, if anybody deserves fairness it is my Native American ancestors. Black people say they are treated unfairly because their ancestors were slaves, well Native Americans had it worse. My ancestors were kicked out of the native lands where they lived for thousands of years and moved to a reservation where they were expected to forget their millenia old traditions for those of the white man. i may only be a quarter Cherokee, but i stand by my roots, and say that even a group of native americans who beat up a white boy would get punished. What makes the Jena 6 so special? their skin color? i believe not, we are all Brothers and Sisters under the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. God doesn’t care if you’re black, white, hispanic, or asian, we are all the Children of God. Let’s behave as God would want us to, and be fair to one another. No one race deserves to be treated better than the others, and I think it is high time that the courts showed this. Let’s do away with NAACP, LULAC, and many other groups and organizations that are race oriented and make it fair for everyone to get their share of what our proud government and country afford us. so i say this to everyone out there who sees the Jena 6 as being unrightfully punished, these kids did the crime and now let ’em do the time. stop tryin’ to abstain punishment just because of their skin color, because no white person nor any native american person could get away with it.

  73. Apparently, ‘Rolling My Eyes in Louisiana’ has nothing else to do but write comments about how unfairly Jena, La is being portrayed. Personally, I’m amused by your Hillbilly ignorance!! If nothing else, this website has offered you an outlet to vent your racist ideas. Attempted murder? Please!! Was his little White ass on life support? How many nights was he in ICU? For the charges against the Jena 6, he should have been. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

  74. Ok Dufus from Texas you need to learn to read ok ill type it again in BIG letters so you can see it ok? Ready? Here we go. I AGREE THE CHARGES OF ATTEMPTED MURDER WAS A BIT MUCH AND OVER THE TOP. I have said this from day one. They need to be punished for what they did. No matter it be 6 whites on one black. Get a life man I know there are better things to do in Texas than stick your nose is Louisiana business.

  75. Hey rolling my eyes in Louisiana you could shut up right about now cuz the black race has been mistreated for so long and if we didnt have our own T.V channel we wouldnt be able to listen to the music we like to hear becaus e CMT definatley wouldnt support our shit. Also whites have only used theivery and trickery to get what they wanted since the begining of this country. For the pilgrims to be such good Christians trying to spread the gospel they didnt do such a good job by killing the indians after the indians had helped them thru the hard winter…………. BACK STABBING DEVILS

  76. I speak on the behalf of my black community in VA when I say that the JENA 6 needs to be set free. I am a 16 yr.old young black African American teen. When I see things like this happening to our black society I think to myself that racism and segregation would never end. It’s just a new generation with different faces. That’s why us as blacks have to stick together as a whole and fight against the white man trying to bring us down. I send my heart out to the families and friends of the 6 teen males. I hope that every last one of the boys will be freed and the carges will be dropped. I no that God is watching over all of us and he is going to make sure everything is going to be alright. One day this is going to go down in history. FREE JENA 6….PLEASE>>>>>>

  77. What a bunch of loosers. Micheal Bell plead guilty. and is going to testify against his boys. Its over and has gone down in history. Just another case of the man being the opressor of the black community. WOO HOO see ya in 18mo Micheal.

  78. Rolling my eyes:
    I can correct the spelling and grammatical errors in your brief post if you would like. Just let me know.

    Alan Bean

  79. alan you can correct my spelling or you can kiss my ass either will be fine with me.

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