Arlington School Board shields students from their President

AISD BoardThe Arlington School Board has bowed to the will of a socially prominent minority.  White folks in Arlington don’t want their kids exposed to a stay-in-school pep talk delivered by a black Democrat.

If we needed additional evidence that Arlington faces a racial divide this ought to do it. 

Reaction from Arlington’s minority community has been swift and defiant.  Luis Castillo, president of the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) released a scathing statement this morning:

The school district’s decision regarding President Obama’s speech of Tuesday has turned into a fiasco.  First, the school district announced that President Obama’s speech would not be made available to students on a regularly scheduled instruction day but would be made available later through the school district website link.

Yesterday, the school district’s web site posted the following message: “Students with appropriate parent notification can be dismissed from school to watch the President’s address at an off-site location (home, church, community center, etc). This will be considered an excused absence. Students should return to school within reasonable time after the address”.

What kind of message is the school district is sending?  That the district students, of whom 70% are ethnic minorities, can watch President Obama’s speech anywhere but in school.  Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, the school district has planned for 28 fifth-grade classes to attend a media conference at the Cowboys Stadium on September 21st during a regularly scheduled instruction day where they will hear from immediate past President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush among others.

These actions by the school district demonstrate insensitivity toward it’s students, disrespect toward our President, and partisan prejudice.

Arlington’s Cornerstone Baptist Church is led by the Rev. Dwight McKissic, a self-described “Bible conservative Re-publican.”  But the tasteless behavior of the AISD board has even the conservative folk at Cornerstone Baptist asking painful questions. 

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

Church officials say they don’t want students “to be banned or barred from hearing and viewing this historic message to students because of the judgments and fear of some school districts,” according to a statement issued Monday.

“The [president’s] message isn’t political in nature,” said Veronica Griffith, minister of communications at the church. “If it’s just a role of encouragement, we have to wonder why it’s not being shown.  . . . I wonder if it were [President George W.] Bush or [President Bill] Clinton — and everyone didn’t agree with their politics — they would encourage them to watch it.”

Griffith said she wonders whether it’s more than that, and whether some parents don’t want their children to see Obama’s speech because of race.

“I hate to say that, hate to think that,” she said. “But we have to wonder if . . . they’re just not wanting to hear what someone of a different culture or different background has to say.”

Bob Ray Sanders, the conscience of Fort Worth, left no doubt about his feelings in a column published this morning:

It wouldn’t be the first time a president has tried to inspire young people to think, to talk and to act. John Kennedy did it, as did Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Who can be a more persuasive role model for students to stay in school or commit to serving their country than the person who holds the highest office in the land?

Unfortunately for a growing number of frightened, misguided and hate-filled Americans, this president should not and must not be a role model for their children. Therefore, their young sons and daughters should not be in class — or perhaps even in school — if there’s a remote possibility that the plague-spreading left-wing devil called Obama will speak to them.

They’ve labeled him the Antichrist who is set on desecrating the Constitution, destroying the country and annihilating their children’s futures.

It is theater of the absurd, being played out in exaggerated dramatic fashion on stages large and small — in offices, backrooms, broadcast studios and on the World Wide Web.

I would find it laughable if it were not so tragic, so sinister and so sickening.

Amen to that, brother!

5 thoughts on “Arlington School Board shields students from their President

  1. Partisan objection to a presidential speech to schoolchildren isn’t new– see this: (They’re talking about Bush 41, not 43).

    Any reasonable person who initially had a problem with what President Obama planned to say to the schoolchildren quickly got over it when the program was modified to accommodate their concerns about partisanship and personal politicking.

    Of course, some would not be reasonable.

  2. This discussion leaves me wondering if the country has progressed at all concerning race relations, racism…..People should discussed the fact that their president being a black man is really the underlined issue. I do not doubt that some have legitimate policy concerns, but the bulk of them are just plain racist. It is just that simple. The things that President Obama are being sudjected to as The President of the United States are unconscionable. He is an honorable man. You do not have to like him, but you do have to respect him The President of the United States…..

  3. I find it equally amazing and disturbing that the so called conservatives or right wing, who without haste, will readily acknowledge themselves as true believers or Christians, will use fear, or allow themselves to be used by fear, a tool of Satan, to promote their agenda.

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