The Fifth Victim: The Curtis Flowers Trial, Day 11

(This post is part of a series concerning Curtis Flowers, an innocent man convicted of a horrific crime that has divided a small Mississippi town.  Information on the Flowers case can be found here.)

Alan Bean, Friends of Justice

Curtis Flowers has been found guilty on all four capital murder counts.  No surprise there, but I wasn’t prepared for a twenty-seven minute jury (non)deliberation.  That’s right, twenty-seven minutes.  Hardly long enough to pick a jury foreman.

The courtroom quickly filled up with the kind of folks who have been leaving derogatory comments on our blog.  One older man rushed up the courthouse steps as I was emailing supporters.  “I guess I’m late,” I heard him say, “but maybe not.”

“They’re just starting the sentencing phase,” another man replied.

“That’s the part I’m looking for,” the first man exulted.

He will have to wait until tomorrow morning.  The defense put on an elaborate and lengthy mitigation case highlighted by the testimony of corrections expert James Aiken.  He testified that he had to sit down with Curtis Flowers for two face-to-face meetings because he couldn’t believe that a man locked up for almost fourteen years doesn’t have a single disciplinary write-up.  Aiken testified that manipulative inmates can put up a good front for a short time, but anyone who holds up for over a decade is an exceptional inmate.

The disconnect was almost surreal.  There is a very good reason why Curtis Flowers has a discipline record bordering on the miraculous–he is 100% innocent.  He simply doesn’t fit the killer profile.  His detractors have done a good job of demonizing Mr. Flowers over the years, but anyone who has sat down with the man (as I did for forty-five minutes Wednesday night) can’t help but be impressed with his gentle faith and quiet confidence.

The sentencing hearing got under way with several representatives of the victims families testifying.  The room was in tears as Roxanne Ballard explained that her children were too young in 1996 to know the woman she used to be.  One of Carmen Rigby’s sons talked about the horror of losing a mother on the verge of college.  The grief in the room was palpable.

Unfortunately, the victim families will find little solace in the conviction of an innocent man.  I suspect they know that.  Curtis Flowers has long been the fifth victim of the Tardy tragedy.  Sentencing him to death does nothing to bring solace to the grieving families.

Several potential jurors who swore they could put their deep affection for the victims families aside if they were named to the jury joined the celebrants in the courtroom this evening.  I suspect they still think they could have been fair and impartial, but the joy on their faces tonight suggested otherwise.

Several family members testified that Curtis was devoted and fun-loving.  Archie Flowers, talked about the day Curtis joined his gospel group, the Unionaires.  “I kept asking him to start singing in public,” Archie recalled, “but he just told me he’d let me know when he was ready.”

A video clip of Curtis singing lead for the Unionaires was then played.  There was something eery about a younger, slimmer Curtis Flowers belting our a gospel tune on the screen while his father looked on from the jury box.

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to interrupt this presentation,” Judge Loper broke in.  “I’m told the pizzas for the jurors have arrived and we don’t want the food to get cold.”

On the way out of the courthouse, the father of one of the slain victims confronted Curtis Flowers’ sister, Priscilla.  “We always knew that nigger was guilty anyway,” he barked.  Sheriff’s deputies quickly descended on the scene.  The same man had approached me earlier in the day as well.  I had been fielding insults all week long, and was running short on patience.  “If you want to try out a clever insult, I’m not interested,” I snapped.

Moments later, I apologized.  People don’t get over the kind of tragedy that engulfed Winona fourteen years ago.  On the other hand, a personal tragedy is no excuse for boorish behavior; especially when the crude remark is aimed at the sister of a man about to be sentenced to death by lethal injection.

The packed courthouse received the verdict without an outcry.  After twenty-seven minutes, everyone knew what was coming.

I will have more to say about the sentence in a day or two.  The jury will almost certainly hand Curtis Flowers another death sentence.  There is no big surprise here.  We were hoping for a better result, but when a jury of eleven whites and one black was selected the writing was on the wall.  That’s okay; every successful campaign Friends of Justice has launched began with a conviction (sometimes several).  This case is simply too weak to stand.

So enjoy the party while it lasts, Winona; brighter days lie ahead for Curtis Flowers and his loved ones.

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  1. yes we are sure some kind of race card will be pulled!!3 times guility get a grip and look at the truth!!!

  2. I have just read the classic “Cry, The Beloved Country,” set in 1946 South Africa by white South African Alan Paton. With minor alterations, it might have been written in the US South in the mic-1960’s, or even in 2010. There is one passage in the book that speaks loudly to present day Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas too for that matter. The passage is as follows:

    “You may not smoke in this court, you may not whisper, or speak, or laugh. You must dress decently, and, if you are a man, you may not wear your hat unless such is your religion. This is in honour of the Judge and in honour of the King whose officer he is; and in honour of the Law behind the Judge, and in honour of the People behind the Law. When the Judge enters you will stand. and you will not sit till he is seated. When the Judge leaves you will stand, and you will not move till he has left you. This is in honour of the Judge, and of the things behind the Judge.
    “For to the Judged is entrusted a great duty, to judge and to pronounce sentence, even sentence of death. Because of their high office, Judges are called Honourable, and precede most other men on great occasions. And they are held in great honourby men both white and black. Because the land is a land of fear, a Judge must be without fear, so that justice may be done according to the Law; therefore a Judge must be incorruptible.
    “The Judge does not make the Las. It is the People that make the Law. Therefore if a Law is unjust, and if the Judge judges according to the Law, that is justice, even if it is not just.
    “It is the duty of a Judge to do justice, but it is only the People that can be just. Therefore if justice be not just, that is not to be laid at the door of the Judge, but at the door of the People, which means at the door of the White People, for it is the White People that make the Law.”

  3. That’s unfortunate. 9 days of evidence, and 27 minutes deliberating = predetermined conclusions. The justice system is not designed for that sort of blatant manipulation.

  4. I am glad that Curtis Flowers has adjusted so well to prison life. That skill will certainly serve him well in the future. I wouldn’t read to much into your analysis of his personality after a short 45 min. interview. After all, I am sure that whomever hired him at Tardy Furniture felt much the same way that you do about him. “[I was] impressed with his gentle faith and quiet confidence,” isn’t that similar to what is commonly said about you average serial killer? A persons character does not excuse them from their actions. Good people sometimes do bad things. In rare instances such as this one, they do unthinkable things. One case that comes to mind is the BTK killer Dennis Rader. He was a 30 year member of the Lutheran Church and a cub scout leader. His wife had no idea what was going on. I am not comparing the two cases in any way other than to show that it is imposable tell in 45 minutes, from a man that has been well coached after six trials, what he is capable of doing. If you can do that then FBI has a job waiting for you.

  5. The last time I looked, we have a good many black lawmaker, both state and federal. The day that they legalize murder will be a bad day indeed.

  6. Do you put any stock in what his supervisors in prison have said about him? Not one disciplinary write up after 14 years. The 27 minutte deliberation time was just about the amount of time it took the jurors to select a foreperson and take their vote. It tells me their minds were made up and they did not consider any of the defense arguments in their deliberations. But your mind was made up also, and frankly, so was mine.

  7. The context here was White South Africa. No one is suggesting legalizing murder. That’s a straw man. You might want to read that book the lengthy quote comes from, “Cry, the Beloved Country,” by Alan Paton.

  8. First of all let me start by saying that I don’t live in Winona, Mississippi. I don’t even live in Montgomery County, but I do have many many friends in that town that are both black and white. I have worked in and around that county for years now. And when directed toward this site, I was outraged by the facts that have been left out by Dr. Bean.

    Dr. Bean sat in on this trial with his mind made up that Curtis Flowers is not guilty. He has criticized every law enforcement official that has been involved in the investigation of this horrible tragedy. Dr. Bean has even insulted the judge numerous times also, which is totally uncalled for.

    I decided to take off work and travel to Winona for this trial. I have heard many opinions on it ranging from innocent to guilty. And let me just state that I have heard many many blacks say that he is guilty. Black and white law enforcement officials as well as black and white prisoners have said that he is guilty as charged. After sitting in on this trial, and researching the facts behind it, I would like to extend to all readers that are interested the COLD HARD FACTS!!!!!!!!! Please excuse my lack of big words and proper grammar, I am college graduate, but I am not a journalist like Dr. Bean.

    Let me start by saying that this is not a race issue and was only made to appear to be a racial issue during the third trial by a clearly desperate defense.

    So let’s start with the facts. In the state of Mississippi only the defense can ask for a change of venue. This was granted so the first trial was held in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is approximately 2 hours away from Winona. In this trial Curtis Flowers was found guilty of capital murder in the death of Bertha Tardy. Then in a separate trial held in Gulfport, Mississippi, which is nearly 4 hours away from Winona. In this trial Curtis Flowers was found guilty for the death of “Bobo” Stewart. Ok so here is where is gets out of control. Before the trials for the shooting deaths of Carmen Rigby and Robert Golden could take place, the defense learned of a minor technicality that could have both verdicts overturned.

    Since the State was trying Flowers for the murder of an individual, and not all four victims at once, the fact that a quadruple homicide could not be mentioned in the trial. So both guilty verdicts were thrown out because the prosecution mentioned and had pictures of all of the victims in the trial for Bertha Tardy and for Bobo Stewart.

    So now that brings the trial to Winona, just as the defense wanted. Which also brings another guilty verdict for four counts of capital murder for Curtis Flowers. During the jury selection the defense delibertly helped the prosecution seat a completely white jury. Once the guilty verdict came in the defense appealed on the grounds that there was not equal race representation on the jury. And once again the verdict was overturned.

    Now at this point was when the defense started talking about race. By the time the fourth trial rolled around there was clearly a divide among the black community in Montgomery County. Remember a innocent blackman was killed in this horrible crime. A black man that left behind a wife and a special needs child.

    So before the fourth trial resulted in a hung jury split down racial lines, the defense could have asked for a change of venue so that Curtis Flowers could receive a fair trial. But guess what, they did not want a change of venue. Why you ask? Well because they have no defense that can disprove his guilt.

    Now comes the fifth trial. Two black jurors testified during the jury selection that they did not know him, or have any knowledge of the crime. Once the jury was seated the fireworks began. One black female jury was discoverd to have made numerous visits to the prison to visit Flowers, and had logged over 60 phone calls to him during the month leading up to the trial. She was charged with perjury and dismissed. Once the jury began deliberation another black juror started discussing evidence that was not presented in the trial. He proceeded to tell the jurors that he was there behind the furniture store and witnessed the law enforcement plant evidence. So the fifth trial resulted in a mistrial becasue of these jurors misconduct!

    So now after three failed attempts to reach a innocent verdict in Montgomery County, the defense could have requested a change of venue so that Curtis Flowers could have a fair trial. But that is not what they want. They don’t want a fair and impartial jury. A fair and impartial jury will rule guilty seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

    So now that leads us to this months sixth trial of Curtis Flowers. During jury selection numerous black jurors said that they could not be fair and impartial so they were dismissed. Once the jury was seated thre was only one black on the jury, but there could have been more. The defense still had strikes left when the jury was seated. Just as the prosecution. Fact is the prosecution did not use all of their strikes on blacks. There were still some blacks left that could have been interviewed for jury selection, but the defense was pleased with the jury.

    Now that a jury was selected the defense asked for a mistrial becasue they were not able to seat a jury that was balanced based on race. This was denied, because the defense still had strikes and had every opportunity to seat a jury with a different makeup.

    Now getting to the 20 minute deliberation reaching a verdict. With the evidence in this case it should not have even taken 20 minutes. This is as clear cut of a case as any I have ever seen.

    A missing gun stolen the morning of the muders from Curtis Flowers’ uncles car, Curtis Flowers seen standing by his uncles car that morning, the same caliber weapon used in the crime, gunpowder residue on Flowers hand, bullet fragments from a post at his uncles home matching the bullet fragments found in a mattress at the murder scene, a mising pair of shoes that belongs to Curtis Flowers, a bloody footprint at the scene that matches the exact pair of missing shoes, and witness’s that came forward on their own without any talk of a reward to state they saw him running away from the store minutes after the murders were proven to have been committed.

    Watching the defense present their case was almost painful. It was very very repetitive for several days with each witness being badgered with the same exact questions over and over and over. By watching the body language of the jury I could tell that they were sick of the strategy the defense was taking. The jury could clearly see that the defense had no defense. No alibi, no witness to testify to where flowers was that morning. Nothing, the defense has nothing, absolutely nothing. I do realize that everyone is innocnet until proven guilty. But friends when you have that kind of evidence stacked against you, you better have something to prove your innocence. If I were in Flowers shoes (Grant Hill Fila size 10 1/2) I would take the stand and prove my innocence!!! I would not rely on my lawyer. And he was given that opportunity during the trial by the judge, and he denied it.

    So now I will wrap up by saying that after the sixth trial with four resulting in guilty verdicts, that it should be over!!! But it will not be over. The problem is not a racial issue, it is judicial problem. This case should have never gone this far. There is no need for a seventh trial, but it is coming because the defense will ask for it, and it will be granted on the gounds of a jury that is not fair and impartial.

    But this is what they want. This is the only strategy you can have when your client is stone cold guilty. And as far as Dr. Bean is concerned this is what he wants too. Dr. Bean thrives on controversy, and not justice. Justice was served when Flowers was proven guilty 13 years ago by a fair and impartial jury in Tupelo Mississippi. The facts are there to prove it, there was nothing racial or underhanded about it. You can make it appear racial if you use a pen like Dr. Bean. The pen is mighter than the sword they say. As long as the Curtis Flowers circus is going on, Dr. Bean’s people keep getting donations from bleeding liberals to fund his mission. So I am sure he was not too upset with the verdict, after all he does not care about Curtis Flowers or the victims or their families. He cares about the bottom line, you know the money he can bring in for wiritng his opinion in cases like these.

    Dr. Bean, here are a few little helpful hints for the defense to use when you come back for the seventh trial in Winona, because the defense will not ask for a change of venue.

    1. Ask for a change of venue.
    2. Have Curtis Flowers take the stand.
    3. Have Curtis Flowers take a lie detector test, and ask for it to be permitted into court.
    4. Provide some form of evidence as to where he was during the murders.
    5. Oh yea don’t look into his sealed juvenile record, because according to some of his high school friends made the statement that the Tardy murders was not the first time he fired a gun at someone!!!!

  9. I wonder what the makeup of jurors are in criminal cases in Texas where Mr. Bean is from. I’m not saying there isn’t still race issues in MS, but there are in the ENTIRE country. Mr. Bean claims there is no evidence that this man killed these people; yet the only evidence that he isn’t capable of killing these people is that he is a choir singer? Please let me qoute Gandhi when he said ” I love your Christ, I do not love your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ”. There are plenty of likeable religious people in jail, some are guilty, some are not, but likeability or behavior after the fact does not provide evidence of innocence. Maybe the city of Winona could move this trial to Mr. Bean’s county in Texas where obviously there is not a problem of racial makeups of jury trials. I do agree that attention must be brought to cases and instances where there is racial discrimination, but basing your case upon the things you have provided does not do this case justice and in my opinion discredits what you are trying to do. If you have been in MS as long as you say, it seems you could base your opinion on evidence or fact, and possible provide this to your readers so they too can call their lawmakers and complain about this particular instance with something other than the reputation of the defendant’s father or his church attendance.

  10. You’re also raising a straw man. Mr. Bean has never compared justice in Mississippi to justice in Texas. I’m from Texas. There has been plenty of injustice perpetrated in the name of justice in my home county. And there were lynchings in Waco and Paris Texas, to name but two. But what happens or happened in Texas has nothing to do with Curtis Flowers in Winona, Mississippi.

  11. Yes, Texas is Texas and MS is MS, got that. Just as the “prior lynchings” in Texas would have nothing to do with any current cases in Texas, what has happened in the past in MS has nothing to do with Mr. Flowers and his verdict by that standard. Everyone who reads about this presumes because of this being in MS that he will never get a fair shake because of MS’s past. Do you honestly think that CNN would cover this if this was happening in CT? I did not refer to anything about “lynching” in my previous post, yet it seems this was something important to include that “down in Texas” we have lynchings too. I feel that the defense team and Mr. Bean are using this strategy because of the past grave moral shortcomings of a state where this happened. We are all basing our assumption of his guilt or innocence on what????? Someone supposedly making derogatory comments? Too bad Mr. Bean doesn’t arm us with FACTS from the case to fight for Mr. Flowers. Seriously, has anyone looked up the details of this case and the evidence or transcripts of previous trials of Mr. Flowers? If we are to assume that he will not get a fair trial without a fair makeup of jurors, does that mean he should be found not guilty because of that? This should not be the basis for defense. I live in California, and quite frankly, the justice system is broken everywhere, on both sides, not just in the south. We could quit discrediting ourselves by attempting to attack the facts or lack thereof, instead of being used as pawns by a defense team. I have fought for equal rights for decades, but will not be subjected to being used as a defense tactic. Seek out the facts of a case before you get the bandwagon rolling, it will keep us from being used and will increase the effectiveness of our influence on cases that merit our energy.

  12. I can assure you that Alan Bean goes extensively into the facts of a case before he expends the very limited resources of Friends of Justice, his own energy, and frankly, risks his life and safety in getting involved in a case.

    A person’s previous history always comes into play in a case, especially in the sentencing phase if the accused is found guilty. Juvenile records are sealed. There have been hints in the comments that Mr. Flowers has some juvenile malfeasance. No one was specific about that. Without some specificity I would think that it’s rumormongering.

    Just as an individual’s previous history comes into play, so does a state’s. And Mississippi has an horrendous history regarding civil rights, much of it within my memory. Fannie Lou Hamer was beaten almost to death in the mid sixties. I think it was in Winona. And of course there was Emmitt Till and the acquittal of those who killed him. And the three civil rights workers buried in a dam I think somewhere near Philadelphia. Now I believe individuals can repent and reform. That’s one reason I oppose the death penalty. I believe that states can reform, but I don’t think Mississippi has. Too many of its officials are affiliated with or friendly toward the successor of the Whites Citizens Council. I think they call themselves the Conservative Citizens Council now, but they hold to many of the old tenets–white supremacy, a pure race (of which there ain’t no such thing). If you want names I can give two:Trent Lott (recently a leader) and Lydia Chassaniol.

    And one of the trials that was overturned was overturned because this same prosecuting attorney exercised all of his peremptory strikes against black people, insuring an all white jury. The Mississippi state Supreme Court ruled that was a bit much and said there has to be a new trial. And the make-up of a jury does matter–in Texas, in Mississippi, in California, anywhere. It matters. A jury of our peers is the ideal.

    This case has reasonable doubt written all over it. Isn’t it unlikely that Curtis Flowers or anyone else could shoot four people in the back of the head execution style, acting alone? Why were the prosecution witnesses so varied in their descriptions? How many of them were bribed–yes, I will use that word–by the reward the state was offering? Why were the two who were on an execution style shooting spree from Arkansas to Alabama–right through Winona–never investigated?

    Oh well. I doubt I will change your mind. But consider these things. And be assured that Dr. Alan Bean did not get involved in this hastily.

  13. Mike, just want to let you know that your post was awesome. Had planned to stay off this horrible site b/c the articles made me sick but was told to read it by my son. I wish you would have written this to the paper or even to CNN to rebuke the lies that have been told the last few years by this so called DR. Yours is a clearly written post that shows the facts for what they are. I do disagree with you on one post, where you say that of journalistic ability is lacking. You have done better in one post than has been written in weeks. Kudos to you Mike!

  14. All of White Winona knows those murders were committed in order to receive the Tardy estate and Curtis is being used as a cover up. The real person will slip up and confess when he gets full of that Montgomery County Moonshine & Meth…hide and watch! I guarantee that several more trials are forthcoming and Montgomery County (because of Winona’s past and present demons) will be BROKE, as it should be.

  15. Verdict is read…Decision is in…DEATH is the sentence given him. Appeal he will and I pray it’s denied. 14 years and multiple times tried, not a bit of remorse from Flowers 4 those that died. Make friends with a family member of the 4 who lost their loved one that day then maybe you bloggers for Bean will think twice about the lies you post and say. All that posted and this is the last I wll say…nothing you post can change the decision reached here today. Curtis Flowers sentenced to death for ALL 4 counts of Capital Murder in Montgomery County, MS.on 6/19/2010

  16. Death sentence once again for Curtis Flowers!!! Looks like justice was served once again in Winona, Mississippi. Congratulations to what has to be an exhausted prosecution team. I hope this will be the end, and that it can bring some much needed closure to the victims families. My heart goes out to them.

    I am shocked that Dr. Bean can name Curtis Flowers as a victim in this ordeal. Dr. Bean I thought you were a minister. A minister would never make such a comment about innocent murdered people. How you can compare a man like Curtis Flowers to four innocent people including two women and a child that died by means of excution style killings. That one statement speaks volumes about your style of ministry. Now sir, after that comment, I have absolutely NO respect for your cause. And I am a 100% believer in equal rights for all human beings.

    This crime was an act of premeditated murder with a clear reason of intent. Hell is not hot enough for a man that can do those things to people.

    Just because you have a beautiful voice and sing in a church choir does not mean you are a christian. A christain would never do the things this man did. A 45 minute interview with Curtis Flowers, and you think he is the greatest person to ever wear a pair of pants???? REALLY???? That sir is an awfully bold statement to make about someone after 45 minutes.

    I was in the courtroom people, I heard all of the testimony. The EVIDENCE is there. Curtis Flowers got what he deserved today, he is as guilty as he can be!!!!!!!!

    Dr. Bean once again, you should be very ashamed of yourself for comparing Curtis Flowers to those poor innocent victims. Just as the defense should be ashamed for asking Mrs. Ballard if she cleaned up the murder scene, insinuating she was in charge of the investigation. (When you don’t have a defense I guess you will go to all extremes to try to prove your innocence. But that was LOW!!!) How many women have you seen that would clean up their murdered mothers blood, and their best friends blood while 8 months pregnant??

    Well lets all now watch to see if our wonderful judicial system can overturn yet another conviction. I know Dr. Bean will work tirelessly to try and free this murderer, but he will be glad to do so. He can just use his clever movie lines and catch phrases, as the great journalist he is, so that he can influence people that are not intelligent enough to make a decision on their own. You know the people who believe in bigfoot, that O.J. Simpson was truly innocent, that Elvis is still alive, etc… This way many rich liberals will keep donating to Dr. Beans cause. A cause that I really question now!!!!!

    I don’t realy expect anyone reading this website to believe what I have to say because you don’t kow me (just like you don’t know Dr. Bean), but it sure makes me feel better to express myself while stating nothing but factual information. So let me close with this.

    For those of you who are still blinded by Dr. Bean’s excellent jounalistic style and belief that he is an expert in crime scene investigations, a profound historian, a lawyer, a counselor, a minister, a doctor in some field of expertise, and most of all a highly recognized psychic! Here is my question to you. If you were Curtis Flowers and you knew you were innocent and had absolutely nothing to do with this crime, wouldn’t you have your lawyers ask for a change of venue, or better yet take the stand on your own behalf. I know I would!!!!! Ponder on those two thouhgts for some time and really think about it. What would you do?????? IF you were innocent that is!!!

  17. How much of the 27 minutes was spent eating their pizza? I am very saddened by this outcome but I am not surprised, I just kept hoping truth would prevail. G-d bless Friends of Justice for all the support they’ve given Mr Flowers and his family.

  18. Flowers will have all the support he needs…behind bars…and guess what they will carry guns to just like he did when he killed that day in July 1996.

  19. Replying to Anna, and to “Looking On”: “As I live, says the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked.” (Ezekiel 33:11)
    I hope that I misread you, but it seems you are taking pleasure in the prospective death of Curtis Flowers. If you are taking pleasure in the prospect of his death, you are not following the heart of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. Francis the verdict was handed down way before the pizza. Seems u are just one more of mr beans lost followers. As the old adage goes “the blind leading the blind” silly friends of justice

  21. I have lived in the town of Winona, Mississippi for my entire life. I wonder if Mr. Flowers shared with you, Mr. Bean, the details of his violent juvenile record? Or that he had a history of drug abuse? I hope that your reading public also understands that you and your organization have been paid by the defense to do what you have been doing. I wonder if the prosecution had paid you something, would your articles be more biased towards the Victim’s families? Would you be an actual “Friend of Justice”?

  22. Mike,
    This Dr. Bean has a real warped since of justice. Several years back he ran to defend six black students that attempted to beat to death a white student and left him for dead in Jena La. He claimed that that attempted murder was justified because they had been discriminated against. Not by the student they tried to kill but just by white students in general. Thanks to a national media circus and protest egged on by Dr. Beans articles, The “Jena Six” got slapped with a small fine and court cost. You can bet that if there hadn’t been a black victim at Tardy that he would be trying to justify the murders instead of claiming innocence.

  23. Dr. Bean has an agenda, and is therefore biased and cannot see the truth, as unpleasant as that may be. NONE of the witnesses have been paid a red cent. Please, acquaint yourself with the facts and testimony before professing your ignorance.

    If Flowers is innocent, he should have been able to produce the Filas in question. If Flowers is innocent, why doesn’t he have a single, credible witness? And if you are going to throw out fictional suspects, you should at least go to the trouble of fabricating names, dates, and supporting evidence if you want it to be considered in his trials. Instead of playing the defamation game out of pure spite, why don’t you get serious and face facts. In all six trials, regardless of the venue, attorneys, or jurors, Curtis Flowers was NEVER acquitted. In four of the six trials, the jurors found him guilty beyond any reasonable doubt and gave him the death penalty. The first three convictions were overturned on technicalities that were no fault of the juries, and their opinions should NOT be forgotten. The two other proceedings ended in mistrial basically due to tainted juries. And NO, these developments had nothing to do with race, but with the behavior of jurors during the proceedings. Check the court documents!

  24. Yea, Francis!!! The verdict was handed down at 3:22 PM and they didn’t get pizza until the sentencing phase of the trial between 8:15 and 8:30 that night. They were trying to finish the trial so jurors who had been there for 10 days could go home to their families. Around 7:05 PM Judge Loper asked the jurors whether they wanted to bring in food and continue tonight. After the pizza arrived late and Judge Loper saw there was too many differences to resolve between the jury instructions recommendations between the prosecution and defense, he saw it was going to be too late, so he adjourned court at 9:05 PM. Also, defense attorney Steiner requested it and said she had hypertension and she was very tired. I think she wanted to get more time for the young female law interns to help her with the case because they surely weren’t prepared through the whole trial after having nine months to prepare.

  25. Just a few things some of you may not know about the Curtis Flowers case. I have been to every trial, sat through jury selection, the trial, even motion hearings dealing with the case on every trial. It is very easy to form your own opinions just from what you hear or read. But all the facts have not been brought out in this case because some are not admissable in court. Mr. or Dr. Bean has made it seem that Flowers is a victim of circumstance. First, if Flowers or his attorney’s feel that he can not get a faair trial in Montgomery County, they are the only one’s that can ask for a change of venue. Second, Flowers took the stand in the very first trial and could not even comply with testimony from witnesses that said they were with him and he heard every time and place they testified to. Third, Flowers was brought to the police station and given a gunshot residue test the day of the murders. Two days later the investigators asked him to come in for another statement, at this time was given a polygraph test, which he FAILED!!! Sure Curtis had people saying that he could sing and very active in the church and an all around good guy, but what they failed to tell you was that Curtis shot someone when he was a teenager. Since it happened when he was a juvenile it was not able to be brought up in court. Yes this man that can sing and be a model prisoner was very capable of commiting this horrible crime and has been convicted by a jury of his peers of the same. The case will be before the supreme court within one year of the sentencing, with the death penalty it gets an automatic appeal. Without race being a factor if the law and court system works the way our founding fathers wrote it, then justice will be served!!!!

  26. Don’t you people have anything else to do except read this crap from Bean and all of his lies. The truth was told this pass week again, if you were there you heard every word of it, if you weren’t there, you missed out. Sorry! So lets go on with our lives and stay off of this sight, reading all of these lies. Let’s continue to pray for those families and may god bless them all!

  27. No Curtis, you can’t bet that. (You could bet, but you would lose.) Alan Bean is a man of principle and integrity if ever there was one. I have known him for well over thirty years.

  28. You dont know if he was the one carrying a gun, unless u were there. all of u need to stop being so judgemental if u were not there. did u see him with it if not stop actin as though u did. Judge yourself or you will be judged.


  30. Yes, the jury should have just informed those in Loperland that there was no need to go throught all the “failed to present evidence” testimonies and save the city some money. THeir mind was already made up; even the one black juror. I wonder how they sleem at night. not the whites because i know they rested well.

  31. Mike, I just read your post word by word, a job well done. You should put it in every paper and send it to CNN and get Mr. Bean’s lies straighten out and let everyone read your post and the real FACTS!!!!!

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