5 thoughts on “WWJD

  1. That explains it, that’s not Jesus in the picture; it’s a professional Jesus impersonator. The real Palestinian Jesus wouldn’t mess around with guns in the presence of a child. And if he did, the child would look more Palestinian.

  2. I’m stunned. Biblical scripture points them out, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:” (Jn 10:10a), but I can’t stop shaking my head. The liars church done brazenly pulled off their sheets; they must have a whole lot of confidence in how few of us are paying attention. May-be because they see folks can’t be bothered to vote or educate themselves, they think its safe to assume folks also don’t have eyes to see?

    Bet that actor’s name is Andrew Jackson; I could be wrong though. It could be Jim Crow. The liars “church” has commissioned a self-portrait ya’ll. Are they right’ is nobody paying attention?

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