Tulia, Texas ten years on

By Alan Bean

It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since thirteen people were released from prison at the Swisher County courthouse after Judge Ron Chapman declared that undercover agent Tom Coleman was not credible under oath.  I address the amazing events leading up to this dramatic scene in my book, Taking out the Trash in Tulia, Texas.

This brief account from the AP appeared in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News (subscription required):

Ten years ago
Twelve people sent to prison as the result of a Tulia, Texas, drug bust were released on bail by a judge who said they’d been railroaded by an undercover agent. (A total of 35 people were later pardoned by Texas Gov. Rick Perry; 45 of the 46 who were arrested shared a $6 million settlement in a civil rights lawsuit.)

One thought on “Tulia, Texas ten years on

  1. Remarkable indeed. After Creamie’s trial we had some kind of event at Texas Tech in Lubbock, and one of the lawyers remarked that once a jury has convicted, it’s next to impossible to get a verdict overturned. Nancy Bean rose from her seat and ran to the convener’s table, slammed her hand on the table and shouted, “No! We’re going to get all of them out!” ‘Who is that woman?” someone asked Alan. “That’s my wife,” Alan responded. I’m proud to say that’s my duaghter, too.

    Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had snowballs in their pockets!

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