Is There a Word from the Lord?

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Besieged by his enemies, King Zedekiah sent for the imprisoned prophet Jeremiah and, through trembling lips, posed his question: “Is there a word from the Lord?”

GettyImages_157334290 (1)Tradition held that after Jeremiah spoke the words from the Lord, a spirit-drought gripped the land and no word from the Lord would be heard until the Anointed One appeared.

Five hundred years later Jesus announced that the spirit-drought was broken.  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,” he declared in the ancient words of Isaiah: “because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, to proclaim release to the captives.”

As an old year dies and a new year struggles to be born, is there a word from the Lord for us?  Is there good news for the poor?  Is there release for those who are bound?

Your generous tax-deductible gift towards our $25,000 December goal will contribute to good news for the poor and release to captives.

Friends of Justice has been preaching good news to the poor since New Year’s Eve, 1999.  When poor people are oppressed by immoral public policies, we say so, repeatedly and with great effect.

Common Peace Community-001God has called us to build a Common Peace Community where the walls that divide God’s people along lines of race, gender, wealth, social class, denomination and political affiliation crumble. “For Christ is our peace, having broken down the dividing wall, the hostility between us.” (Ephesians 2.14).

Friends of Justice is giving voice to congregations that have heard the good news to the poor, but lack a prophetic public voice. Through our Common Peace Community initiative, we are equipping and supporting existing faith leaders to break the silence. Because good news for the poor and release to the captive is as spiritual as it gets.

We challenge you to invest in the Common Peace Community.  We challenge you to contribute generously toward our December goal of $25,000.

Photo: Lightning and dark storm cloudsIf you wish to bring the Common Peace Community to your community of faith, contact us for more information.

The spirit-drought has broken.  We have a word from the Lord that speaks good news to the poor and release to the captive.  People of faith are finding a prophetic public voice.  Will you join us?