5 reasons why reparations talk makes white people crazy

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Does America owe a moral debt to her African-American citizens? Thanks to a head-turning column in the New York Times by influential opinion columnist David Brooks, the reparations question may be back on the table. After years of conversations with ordinary Americans, Brooks now seconds the motion laid out five years ago by Ta-Nehisi Coates in an essay in the Atlantic. If the center-right Brooks finds Coates persuasive, you might too.

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2 thoughts on “5 reasons why reparations talk makes white people crazy

  1. Once I asked Mattie Compton what is meant by RACIAL EQUITY. She replied, “No white privilege”. I agreed with her response. In my opinion, reparations would be counter productive, even destructive, on more than one count. 1. Whites trying to expunge guilt with money. 2. It would mean people, who never owned a slave, would pay money to people who were never slaves. 3. LBJ’s Great Society welfare programs have not eliminated poverty as planned and have created dependency of large numbers of people. After expenditure of trillions of dollars on welfare, there is more poverty than in the past. Reparations would, in all likelihood, increase that tendency.

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