New and Improved Curtis Flowers Page

By Alan Bean

Friends of Justice is pleased to announce that we have updated our Curtis Flowers page.  All the important stuff from the old page is still available, but thanks to the efforts of Lisa D’Souza, the new Friends of Justice Legal Director, the information is now much much accessible and user-friendly. 

The old page evolved over time, willy-nilly, and had come to resemble an overgrown garden in which it’s hard to find the veggies. 

The appeal filed following the 2010 trial in which Curtis was convicted and sentenced to death  is currently awaiting a response from the Mississippi Supreme Court.  The Court can’t proceed, we are told, because the prosecution has been slow to turn over important documentation.  In the meantime, Friends of Justice has been monitoring the case, visiting Mr. Flowers and his family, and insisting that a crude frame-job of an innocent man be replaced by  a real investigation into the tragic quadruple homicide in a Winona, MS furniture store in 1996.  

If you aren’t familiar with this case, our revised Curtis Flowers page will quickly bring you up to speed.  If you want to delve into the intricacies of the case, or if you’re curious about the social and historical context, you will find a wealth of valuable information.  So, if you’re looking for a quick intro or the whole nine yards, we’ve got what you need.